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assertion failure with rdu47


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I've download and "installed" rdu47. Whenever I try to start retrospect, it reports that it has encountered a serious error: Assertion Failure at "module.cpp-1060".


I asked it to send the report to dantz.


I'm using Windows XP on a Dell inspiron 8100.







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I have had the same problem repeatedly (from earlier rdu updates), but never managed to get a solution (various attempts to uninstall / clean registry / reinstall / update RDU)




Last time I deleted the RDU file from the Retrospect folder and launched Retro. It loaded fine (probably did not recognize any of the drives, but I didn't check). Then I exited and copied the newer RDU in place. I relaunched Retro and it has been working since. I'll need to fine-tune the 'update' procedure on the next RDU release (which will hopefully support the Lite-On 811 DVD writer)





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