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  1. So far, so good. I had wondered about editing the Member properties but the amount of free storage on the drive in the Properties window is grey and can't be edited (at least without some magic). I can certainly see value in being able to set a maximum size for a member and/or not adding to a member when there isn't space on the drive. In my case I had a 973 MB drive with 763 GB free. Thanks again for your help. Mike
  2. Yes, It does appear Retrospect thinks the disk is full. I tried Tools -> Repair Catalog -> Update existing catalog file . It ran in a few seconds but didn't affect the problem or update the free space. Next, I tried "Tools -> Repair Catalog -> Recreate from Disks ". That ran fine, taking about 25 minutes. Since then, I've performed a couple of backups with no indication of problems. I'm not going to declare success yet but will let you know once it's run normally for a while. Incidentally, why on earth is Retrospect maintaining its own idea of the amount of free space on the disk with the backup set member? That sounds like information it should obtain from Windows not keep itself. What would happen if you needed to move the backup set members to another drive Thanks again Mike
  3. Apparently I reported success a little too quickly! I starting a backup writing to the backup set. I was asked to find the member and the Choices button gave me the ability to browse to the .rdb. The status display showed files being written to the drive. At that point, I posted that we'd solved the problem. 15 to 30 minutes later, I noticed the Select Backup Set member dialog again. In this one, the browse button isn't in the More Choices dialog. Instead, it offers choices of Missing or Skip. When I look at backup set properties that Retrospect seemed to think the hard drive is full (it shows Used=931, free= 0.) while windows explorer says Total = 973, free = 774. It's also showing the backup being located on another drive letter, one that might have matched the drive letter when I created the back set. I've tried mounting the drive on the same drive letter but that didn't seem to affect the problem. Any further advice please? Thanks Mike
  4. This is a forum administrative issue and I'm not sure where to send it. I can't access Google links to your forum sites on forums.support.roxio.com. When I try, I get an error "Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#103137] You do not have permission to view this topic." This comes from this URL: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/77589-retrospect-cant-see-its-own-rdb- file/. Links to forums.retrospect.com seem to function properly. (If it helps, my search string for Google is "retrospect select backup set member cannot find"). Are there really two sets of forums on Retrospect? Can you explain why and how to access the roxio.com ones? The other forum uses a link to a "noreply" email address to get help. The "noreply" part works well so my request for help there didn't work. Thanks Mike
  5. That worked! It's not exactly obvious. I had tried Browse but hadn't tried navigating far enough. Thanks Mike
  6. I'm having problems with Retrospect 7.7 on Windows 7 Ultimate being unable to perform either a backup or restore as it can't find the Backup set member. I get the "please select the backup set member" dialog. When I navigate to the drive and folders, it never finds the member. I created the backup set inside a Retrospect folder at the root of a USB drive. In that folder there's a "Dantz." file and a folder with the backup set name. Inside the later is a folder 1-backup set which contains many .rdb files. The strangest thing is that I used the backup set to restore some files on the weekend. Any Ideas? I can see in Google that this isn't a new problem, people seem to have been seeing it for 1-2 years. I hope someone else has already solved the problem. I noted that one person reported they just had to click OK instead of Open in the dialog. I don't see an OK buttons. Thanks Mike
  7. Did you upgrade to Win7 on the same computer? Is the error reported only on users that are logged in while the backup is running? In Windows explorer does the affected users' profile in C:\Users have what looks like shortcut icon (diagonal arrow overlaid on the folder icon)? This may indicate that a junction point is involved. If so, your problem may be caused by the same thing as mine. It would be interesting to see if you still get the error if you run the backup using a user whose profile doesn't have the arrow. Hope this helps. Mike
  8. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks Mike
  9. I've tried running the backup from the Administrator account (to see what would happen if NTUser.dat wasn't loaded). There were no error messages this time. Is this likely to be a usable backup? Incidentally, neither help nor the knowledgebase say anything about NTFS junction points. Do you know how Retrospect deals with them? Thanks Mike
  10. I'm getting an error each time I do a recyle backup: xpmlStoreMetadata: couldn't copy file "C:\Users\mbk\NTUser.Dat" to the state folder "C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\MetaInfo\writer0008\comp0000\file0003", osErr -1020, error -1001. I suspect this may be related to the use of an NTFS junction point to move my user profile to a data partition in order to separate operating system and data. I did find another post (http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/24957/) here reporting the same error where a Vista created junction point was used to map \users over "C:\Documents and Settings". I'm using Retrospect 7.7 under Windows 7. Any advice? Thanks Mike
  11. Recently, I did a disaster recovery. I found that when I tried to do the next backup, Retrospect couldn't find the remote client (I only have one). I also noticed that SSH and FTP to the restored system were not working. I found that all three problems went away if I disabled Norton Internet Security's firewall. Investigation showed that the firewall rules looked "wrong": some rules used strange TCP port numbers others were greyed out. I used the Norton Removal Tool to remove NIS 2009 then reinstalled NIS 2009. All three problems disappeared! Earlier I had found I needed to reinstall the Google Toolbar (for IE and Firefox), Quicken 2009, and Canvas. Is it normal to need to reinstall several programs after an install? Thanks Mike
  12. Thanks. Seems close to following the manual instructions that come from Prepare for Disaster Recovery? It would be nice if the Knowledgebase was updated to return your citations near the top. Also, it would be useful if Retrospect could copy the catalog onto a flash drive when a backup is completed. If I had the retrospect installer, license key, tape driver and catalog on the same flash drive, disaster recovery would be much quicker. Thanks Mike
  13. When I search the Knowlegebase, I get 63 hits but none of the ones I checked seems to be a description of how to do a Live Restore. Apparently it was a feature of Retrospect 5.5 and allows one to roll back a system to a previous point. Performing a disaster recover implies that there is no system to roll back. Could someone give me a URL to the documentation of Live Restore please? I did do a full DR last week after a hard drive failure. As I didn't have a bootable CD, I used the manual procedure in the Retrospect. If I had prepared a (non bootable) CD with the tape drive drivers, Retrospect and its license key, the procedure would be amazingly quick. The result was quite good. I had to reinstall the Google toolbars for both IE and Firefox and the menus for Canvas (graphic program) have lost the accelerator keys for commands. Thanks Mike
  14. Where is "Live Restore" described? Is it possible to use a USB Flash stick drive instead of a CD as the bootable media? Thanks Mike
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