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Strategy -- 6.5, Multi-Server with TWO Servers & ONE usb drive

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I have the latest version (as of 1/7/04) of Retrospect for Multi-Server. I have two servers running Windows 2000 Server. I have two USB 2.0 external hard drives which I rotate on/off site as backup targets. (When drive 0 is here, drive 1 is in the bank vault and vice versa). Thus, only one drive is in my office at a time.


Q. -- If I want to backup both of my servers to this drive, is the best way to run Retro MS on both and let the server which is not directly attached to the usb drive do a disk or file backup to it as a mapped drive? Or would it be better to have Server 0 run Retro and Server 1 run Client? Clear as mud?




Thought for the day:

Systematic backups are to pc crashes as eating oat bran and exercising are to heart disease. Most people see the light after it's too late.

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