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    Disk vs. File Backup (Retro MS 6.5)

    I quoted from the Mac section? How embarassing. Upon looking again at the KB article "TITLE: Technical Note NO. 503M: Backup to Hard Disks" it doesn't say that it only applies to Macs. I thought that it applied to both. How can you tell that it's only for MACs? Well, at least I posted in the correct forum. I am using the Windows version of Retrospect.
  2. Running Retrospect Multiserver 6.5... What are the advantages and disadvantages of using File versus Disk backup sets when backing up to removable hard drives? I have four 300gb IDE drives in hot swap trays which I can rotate in and out using DriveSwap32. I keep one in the dedicated backup pc and the rest off-site. Any one drive is sufficient to contain all of my data, plus many weeks of incremental backups. A snippet from the knowledge base is quoted below, but I'm still not sure which is best for my situation. Any and all recommendations and comments would be welcome. A file backup set is a single file that contains all the files you have backed up, and that can be stored on any random access device. Like tape or removable disk backup sets, you can incrementally backup to file backup sets and optionally compress your data. The drawback to a file backup set stored on a hard drive is that hard drives are not removable media [not true in my case] and cannot easily be stored off-site for safekeeping. USB or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) drives that are hot swappable offer greater flexibility in this. Incorporating more than one backup drive allows for true media rotation, increasing the security of your backup strategy... Unlike other types of backup sets, a file backup set does not have a separate catalog file upon creation. Its catalog is stored internally in the file itself, in its resource fork. (Its data fork contains the backed-up files.) Because a file's resource fork is limited to 16 MB, the file will eventually grow too large for the file system. When this happens, Retrospect 5.0 or later will separate the catalog file from the data file to allow the file backup set to expand. Retrospect 6.0 added an option under Special>Preferences>Media Handling called "Use USB/Firewire disks as Removable Disks". This option allows you to span between multiple USB/Firewire hard drives.
  3. Has this ever been reported before... I went to restore some files from my latest backup set. When I did, it asked me for a password. The funny thing is that I am the only person who ever touches this machine, has physical access to it or has the windows password to unlock it and more importantly, I have no recollection of ever setting a password for the backup set. I never set one on any of the others. I've tried every password that I've used (for anything) in the last several years and nothing fits. Is it even possible that I could have done this accidentally? I've read the many disclaimers that if you lose your password, Dantz can't help you. But the real question is, if I could send the back up file to Dantz (on a usb drive), does Dantz have the tools to unlock it? Signed, Dazed and Confused
  4. Is there a way to configure Retrospect Multi-Server do backup to disc such that you never have to do a recycle backup (and without your backup store exploding at the seams)? I'm thinking of of something like the "Shadow Copy" which is available with Windows Server 2003. I'd like to be able to roll my system back 1, 2... 7 days. I would prefer never to need to do a recycle backup. I don't use tape anymore, except for long term archival purposes. My daily backups are to removeable hard drives. FYI... Introduction to Shadow Copies of Shared Folders http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/techinfo/overview/scr.mspx
  5. Wanted: Consultant experienced with Retrospect 6.5 Multiserver available to do consultancy (1) by phone and remote control and (2) hands-on in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's highly likely that my needs can be met by phone and remote control, but hands-on work may be required. Anyone interested should email gray AT strickland-law-firm.com Forgive me if this post is inappropriate for this forum. The only reason why I can think that Dantz wouldn't want it posted here is that Dantz also sells support -- but not to the level of doing remote control or hands-on support.
  6. I am running Retrospect Multi Server 6.5.350 on a Windows XP Pro workstation which has a 1gb of memory. This pc's only role is to run Retrospect. Last night's backup of our primary server (Windows 2000 AS) ran fine over the first volume, but had many "Error -625 (Not Enough Memory)" errors when it ran over the second volume. I've never seen the 625 error before, and I'd bet nobody here has either, since there is not a single message on the forum about it. What's the cause? What's the fix?
  7. I am consistently getting around 380mb/min backup speeds. What might I do to improve? CLIENT: The client is a file/fax/email server; dual Xeon 2.4ghz cpus; 2gb ram; RAID 5 storage; 110gb to backup. This machine is running Retro Client software. RETRO SERVER: The pc running Retrospect Multi-Server has a single 2.8ghz P4; 1gb ram; ATA 133 (ide) drives (not raided). The backup target drive is ide removeable, not usb or firewire. Would I be better off installing Retrospect MS on the server which is currently the client above and letting it backup to the removeable drive of the pc that is now the server? Would use of gigabit ethernet between the two pcs make any difference? What else might I do to improve speed? I realize that there are lots of people who wish they could get 380mb/min speed. I'm not complaining, but I would like to optimize my system.
  8. I have a primary server (\\Bambam) which runs Windows 2000 Advanced Server and the Retrospect Client, plus a pc (\\Dino) which runs Windows XP Pro and Retrospect Multi-Server. Dino is backing up Bambam. I want to create a script so that certain services running on Bambam (client) are stopped before a backup begins and restarted after the backup is complete. I've looked in the documentation on Client and can't find where Client can give a net stop or net start command to the system where it is running. If the commands can only be in a script running on the pc where Retrospect M.S. is running, how could Dino stop or start a service running on Bambam?
  9. graystrickland

    Client Communicates, but is not VISIBLE

    If I open a command window (aka "Dos prompt") and issue the command c:\program files\dantz\client\retroclient.exe/help I get a message saying that "retrospect client is already running." The "processes tab" of task manager shows that retroclient.exe is running, but it's not VISIBLE anywhere. It's not listed on the "applications tab" of taskmanger. One other weird thing... The Win 2000 AS server has an entry for Retrospect Client (retroclient.exe) in the Start menu tree *and* an entry for Retrospect Client (retroclient.cpl) in the Control Panel. However, my Windows XP Pro computers that have Client installed on them don't have a entry for Client in the control panel.
  10. I am running Retrospect Multi-Server 6.5.350 on a Win XP Pro machine. One of the clients (6.5.136) is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The weird thing is that although Retrospect successfully backs up the Win 2k AS server, I can't make the client applet *visibible* on the server. That is, if I go to Start \ Programs \ Retrospect Client and try to run it, the mouse cursory turns to an hour glass for about a second, but nothing else happens. If I go to the Control Panel and try to run it from there, again, nothing happens. I tried repeatedly to uninstall the client from the 2000 AS machine, but it would not uninstall, so I manually removed the files adn deleted every Dantz registry entry, then rebooted and reinstalled. I received no error messages on reinstallation. At this point, I don't know what else to try.
  11. graystrickland

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    E: is not the culprit. It's not that simple. E: is a SCSI RAID 1 volume consisting of two mirrored drives. This is a hardware RAID. It is is controlled by an Adaptect AAA-131U2 RAID controller. It's formatted NTFS, as is every volume on every pc in my office. Even though E: is the only volume which failed on the ROFF test utility, it is not the only volume which gets a 1017 failure when I try to back it up. D: and C: give 1017 failures too. D: is also a SCSI RAID volume, also controlled by the AAA-131U2. D: gives a 1017 failure, but it passes the ROFF test utility. C: is a single IDE drive controlled by conventional (non-RAID) IDE controller. C: gives 1017 failures, but passes the ROFF test utility. "Protect multivolume data sets" is off and has been since Dantz's announcement that if you don't have any data sets spanning multiple volumes, that turning this off would boost performance.
  12. graystrickland

    Open File Backup Failure (1017)

    Rofftest version 1.01 Log file generated on BETTY: 3/4/2004 -- 8:55:16 PM Running as user: [sTRICKLAND\Administrator] User is member of Local Admin group [OK] * Snapping volume [C: ] Single-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] Multi-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] * Snapping volume [D: ] Single-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] Multi-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] * Snapping volume [E: ] Single-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Snapshot mount failed: [0x00000005] Access snapshot volume: [0x00000005] Unsnap volume: [OK] Multi-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Snapshot mount failed: [0x00000005] Access snapshot volume: [0x00000005] Unsnap volume: [OK] * Snapping volume [F: ] Single-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] Multi-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] * Snapping volume [H: ] Single-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK] Multi-volume snapshot API: Snap volume: [OK] Access snapshot volume: [OK] Unsnap volume: [OK]
  13. I am running Retrospect for Multi-Server 6.5.336 on \\Betty running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with the latest service pack and patches. \\Betty has several local internal and external drives. The internal drives are scsi drives in an Adaptec hardware RAID (AAA-131-U2). I have the Open File Backup option purchased and it shows up in my license list. When \\Betty runs, open file backup fails (error 1017) on every one of its local internal drives (all in RAID) that it's trying to backup. This is despite the fact that I have Retrospect set to toss all users out of the volumes being backed up. \\Betty also backs up \\Bambam running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Retrospect Client 6.5.132. There are never any open file backup errors on \\Bambam. Why is it that \\Betty can't seem to back up her *own* files due to "insufficient permissions," but she can backup \\Bambam's files without any permissions issues? BTW, I've been fighting this open file thing on and off for years. I've never fixed it -- ever. I just give up from time to time out of frustration. Still, I would like at last to get what I paid for a long time ago.
  14. The forum and telephone support of Dantz are great, but there are times that I'd really just like to pay a consultant to do something for me. Unfortunately, all of the ones I know have no familiarity with Retrospect (nearly all use/prefer/sell Veritas). I'm not willing to switch backup software just to find a consultant who can help me. Probably everthing I need to be done could be done by a consultant using either terminal server or remote control software (VNC, Timbuktu, Radmin or PC Anywhere come to mind). Q. -- What is the best way to find a consultant who really knows Retrospect?
  15. graystrickland

    Botched restores...

    Quote: emulator said: ...we are using a "virtual CD" solution to speed installation of software over a network from ISO CD images. Retrospect seems to have problems backing up software that has been installed using this virtual CD-ROM driver (we are using daemon tools). Apparently, Dantz is working on a fix for the problem, but nothing is available at this time...bummer. What cd emulator software are you using? Paragon's cd-rom emulator, perhaps?