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Exchange 2003 login error with server


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I am running Retrospect 6.5.336 MultiServer on a Win2k machine. I have an Exchange 2003 box running on top of Windows Server 2003 which has 6.5.132 Retrospect client running. Client has been rebooted and Exchange client information has been "forgotten" and re-added to the client list in Retrospect.


I set up the RBU account as suggested in the documentation PDF that came on the CD. It has the following group memberships.



Backup Operators

Domain Admins

Domain Users


In the volume list, the Exchange server icon and mailbox icon show up where they should. I click on them to license them, then I enter the information for the RBU account. The system takes a while, then the mailbox icon comes back in color. However, the Exchange server icon comes back gray. Opening up the mailbox icon, I can see the mailbox list, so clearly something has worked. The following information shows up in the log.


+ Retrospect version 6.5.336

Launched at 2003-11-07 3:14 AM in user account XXXXX\rbu

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.5.101

T-2: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,056,759,263

T-4: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,056,759,263

T-2: MapError: unknown Windows error -1,056,759,263


First, a suggestion. Windows errors are never refered to as a large negative base10 number. They are always hex. So I had to break out the calculator to convert it to 0xC1032221. I punch this into Google and come up with the following page from Microsoft's site.




Here's the relevant snippet.



Note Exchange Server 2003 introduced recovery storage groups that can be used when restoring individual mailboxes. However, recovery storage groups cannot be opened using CDO for Exchange Management (CDOEXM). Attempting to open a recovery storage group using CDOEXM will return the error 0xC1032221, "CDOEXM is not supported on Recovery objects."



No errors regarding this problem show up in the event logs on the Exchange server.


What is the problem?


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So I call up tech support about this problem. I had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes. Then I got someone who took my name and license code and shoved me off to "level 2" support to wait for another 10 minutes. Then I explained just about everything printed above to the tech support guy, and he told me to uninstall the client, reboot the exchange server, and then reinstall the client, as the client update process from multiserver did not work. Wow. Stunning insight. Of course, you can't go rebooting an exchange server in the middle of a workday, so I had to wait until tonight, and of course, it didn't work.


First of all, there is no uninstall for the client from Add/Remove Programs - you have to run the standalone install and ask it to uninstall. Secondly, even after rebooting, the "Retrospect Helper" service was not removed, so I removed it manually before doing the reinstall. Apparently, this helper service is no longer needed by the new client, as it did not get reinstalled, even though the executable used by the helper service still appears in the Dantz folder. Thirdly, even though I had deleted the entire Dantz folder, somehow, after reinstalling the client, it had records of previous contacts by multiserver displayed in the control panel (it did say waiting for first contact, though). I have no clue where it is storing these logfiles.


What ticked me off the most was that the tech support person had no interest in hearing about the Windows error codes. I think they are the key to this problem, especially with the webpage I found above.




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The helper service is only used for Restores of the entire disk. It is not running, because it is not needed.




My Retrospect Client does appear in add and remove programs, which would suggest that you did (or maybe still do) have a problem with the client that was installed on the computer.




The first people you talked with during the call (what you called 1st level) is customer service. They do not provide technical support.




The 2nd group you spoke with is technical support, and it sounds like they did give you what I would consider to be the 1st steps in the troubleshooting process. You still have an open support incident. I would suggest calling back, selecting option #2 in the phone tree to get directly to technical support so that we can continue troubleshooting to identify what is going on.




Unless the message in the log has a red arrow next to it, then it is just extra debug logging used by our engineers which you can ignore. If it has a red arrow, then we do need to troubleshoot what is going on.



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