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  1. This is not a [color:red]client[/color] feature. It is a feature of the backup server only Wow. Just... wow...
  2. Robin, please don't think me too much of a jerk for continuing to beat this horse to death, I must be describing this wrong because we are going in circles here. I am not asking about "wake on lan" nor am I talking about "shutdown client when done". I am specifically addressing "sleep client when done". Let me describe how to get to these options. Open a Proactive Backup script and select More Choices if need be, and go the the Execution/Client section. At the bottom is "Don't shutdown or sleep client", "Shut down client when done", and "Sleep client when done". It is this last option I'm specifically interested in and is what my question is about. Here's where it gets interesting. Opening up Retrospect 7.5 which is what I was previously running, I find that the above three options are not found under Execution/Client, but two of the options are found under Macintosh/Client. "Never shut down" and "Shut down when done". It's very clear here that this option applies only to Macs. When I was checking out the new Retrospect 7.7 for the first time, I noticed that these two options plus an additional option which never before existed for making a machine sleep now showed up in the more generic Execution/Client section. Notably, these items do not appear in the Macintosh/Client section and there is no Client section for Windows. I thought, great, this means that both Windows and Macs can now be slept at night, this will help us reduce our electricity usage. This plus hopefully getting some more stability (Retrospect 7.5 usually crashes on us once per week with an out-of-memory error) are why I ordered the upgrade. Now from others, I have found out that they also cannot get this sleep feature to work. This surprises me, because "sleep client when done" never before existed for any client MacOS9 or MacOSX or Windows or otherwise. So why has it now popped up for the first time under Execution/Client? This is why I'm so dogged in trying to get an answer about this. At first, I just wanted to know if others got it to work, but now that you are involved, I'd like to get an official answer from the developers about this item and whether it is intended to work or whether it will ever work in a future update.
  3. Whatever. I wasn't asking EMC initially, note my first question. Then someone from EMC replies and asks what Windows versions I was using and what Windows clients I was using. I reply and assume I'm going to get a straightforward answer about how to set up sleep properly on different versions of Windows, but I get no reply about sleep, and someone else gets a reply about shutdown not working. I don't think it should really require a support contract to get an answer about a feature that is actually broken in the software and is not covered in the manual that was written four years ago nor covered in their recent addendum.
  4. Thanks for this. Disappointed to hear it doesn't work, glad to hear I'm not the only person having this problem. I thought maybe I had to enable Sleep with special settings in the Windows' version of Power Settings Control Panel advanced section or something.
  5. It's not your fault - I wouldn't care a whit about the hijack except that I'm still not getting any answers and you've gotten two replies on point. My original question still isn't answered. Only shutdown is addressed. I mean, if sleep doesn't work in Windows, how come the first reply I get is a query about which versions of Windows I'm running and their client version? If the answer was "Doesn't work on Windows", there's no need to inquire about this. If you read the manual written in 2006 plus the 7.7 addendum, there is absolutely no mention of this seemingly new sleep feature. However, the 2006 manual does mention that shutdown only works on Macs that no one actually uses anymore.
  6. Please answer my original question at the top of this thread, which is also the name of this thread. You've only answered the person who hijacked this thread. BTW, tell your engineers to change the option to "Shutdown Macs when done". It is deceptive to say "Shutdown client when done" because that is completely not true. We shouldn't have to read the manual to find out about this deception.
  7. Curious if you are going to answer my question or not...
  8. client = 7.7.106 windows = XP 32bit and W7 64bit - both don't work
  9. 7.7.325 I have a proactive script where I've selected "Options/Execution/Client/Sleep client when done". However, it doesn't seem to actually sleep my Windows machines. Is there something additional I need to do on the client machines to make this work? Does anyone actually have this working?
  10. I'm using 7.7.208 of the server and 7.7.106 of the client. I have Retrospect server running on a different 2008R2 machine from the ones where it is failing. When it does local backups of this machine that it is running on, there are no complaints or hangs or eventlogs.
  11. In general, you won't see any big performance gain because this application is mostly network and disk bound. It might crash less because when those memory leaks happen and Retrospect consumes all memory and then dies, well, under x64, you'll be able to put in a bunch of more RAM in your server meaning the memory leaks will take much longer to crash. :angryred: The polling of clients is still cripplingly slow and hasn't improved at all since version 5.0 of the product. It also still takes forever to take a snapshot. And it isn't any better at keeping the 1GB Ethernet pipe full (this is the clients' fault, though, not the server, and the clients haven't really been upgraded since 5.0 either, despite what the version numbers say). I've found that 7.7 is not ready for prime time, and if you read this board, I'm not out of line with the super-majority opinion. Avoid it if you can.
  12. As far as I can tell from my logs, this is related to the VSS writer problem. I'm getting Errors in my Application logs indicating a problem with the VSS System Writer and the VSS DHCP Jet Writer around the time that the snapshot building hangs. It is now impossible for me to do 2008R2 backups. Any suggestions other than not doing snapshots?
  13. I am getting this exact same error under 2008 R2. But this is not a problem that I can ignore. Retrospect Server 7.7 is hanging when trying to back up any of my 2008 R2 machines, and the only thing I can find that indicates a problem is this VSS error entries like other people are getting above.
  14. I've tried asking this elsewhere and was told to ask here instead. The 6.3 Mac Client appears to be completely useless unless you are planning to back up everything. Renaming files with a special bullet character to make things not back up? C'mon, this isn't the 90s anymore, you can't go doing that on a Unix filesystem and not expect to break things. I really thought with this 8.0 version of the Mac backup software that Retrospect would have spent two days implementing the same simple file screening they have for the Windows client. So those of you using the Mac Client to do backups, what do you do, set up separate backup scripts and selectors for each machine to prevent certain folders from getting backed up? Do you make your users send you a list of what they don't want backed up and you type that in by hand into a selector? Or do you just backup everything?
  15. It amazes me that EMC claims Win7 compatibility for 7.7, but suffers from this problem.