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Support for Backup Operator Group ?


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Does anyone here have successfully installed/ran Retrospect backup with only the Backup Operator group on Windows machine?


I would like to know if RB supports such a configuration or does it need absolutely full administrative rights to backup?


Thank you


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Retrospect should have full administrative rights in order to function properly. Regular users can usually lauch immediate operations but some restores and backups will fail with insufficient permissions.


To get around these problems Dantz recommends you use an account with Admin priveleges to run your backup.



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ADDCommunication said:

I'm having the same problem, I even added the privilege of r/w to the directory of retrospect... Mostly my problem for now is that Retrospect doesn't see my tape backup (LaCie AIT1 Firewire), but with admin rights it works



When this occurs is Retrospect launching automatically or are you launching it manually? How are you logged in when launching Retrospect?


Can NT Backup see the tape drive while logged in as a Backup Operator?

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Retrospect can't access your tape drive when logged in as a member of the Backup Operators group under Windows 2000. Windows 2000 has changed the permissions for the Backup Operator from those that we were using under NT. Users should always be logged in as Administrator to manually backup to CD-R/RW under Windows 2000.


When using Windows 2000 you must be logged in as Administrator during manual executions of the backup.


Under Windows NT, you may be logged in as Backup Operator or Administrator at the time of a manual execution of the backup.


Automated backups do not have these restrictions.

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