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-505 client reserved

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I am getting the -505 client reserved message!!!

I found this:


-505 client reserved




This error occurs when a client is in use by another backup computer A client may be used by only one backup computer at a time. This can also happen when the backup computer or client computer crashes during an operation. Restart both computers.


We have only one backup server.

I cannot restart computers (server and client ) every week or so .

How can I fix this.


Backup server= 9.0 /Retrospect 5.0

Client =xserve




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I'm getting the -505 problem with an X machine here now. It's a basic 10.2.x machine but it's used as a CVS server and can't be restarted very often.


What I've found is that I can restart the client from the Terminal.

I'm wondering if this is a huge problem for the Retro client?


What I did...

Basically the only thing that's started at boot time is the pitond process. I was just going to start that, but instead decided to use the helpfull startup script.

So, I just did a "sudo /Library/StartupItems/RetroClient".

This was after just trying to do a "kill -HUP" on the pitond service, but it doesn't handle that. It died.

So I just tried starting it up again. Seems to work great.


What issues will I run into with this? Is there any possibility of corruption of the backup?

Any other processes that need to run?


I really can't keep restarting this machine, but it comes up with the -505 error about every other time it backs up. Since it backs up every night.

It's a pretty big problem, but much less of a problem if all I need to do is restart the processes for the client.


This is with Windows Multi-Server 6.5.x (newest) and 5.1.109 MacOS X client.



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From a Retrospect server standpoint, stopping the service is no different from unplugging the network cable on the machine. Retrospect can handle that kind of thing - it will just give you an error -519 if a backup is underway at the time. I don't see a big problem with this...


The 505 error indicates that the client connection didn't teminate completely. Are there any errors in the log regarding the previous backup of that client?



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I don't know if this equates to the same cause, but I got a -505 error when a client wasn't visible after a failed backup attempt, then merely turned on Client's Retro (it turned off by itself). Then I deleted the pending back up on the Client. Somehow in a new OS (OS X 10.3) install of Retrospect Backup (Server), the Clients needed to be reset. This applied to both WIN and OS X clients. Now all is well.




My system:


  • B&W G3, 400MHz 704MB RAM, ATA+SCSI


Backup devices- AIT & FW HD


Retro Backup 5.1.175


Clients- WIN XP, MAC OS X


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