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  1. It sure would be nice to know what file(s) it chokes on because I can get the problem to repeat at the same apparent spot. And FWIW, I have the problem restoring an complete disk to a new destination drive, whether or not there's any data on the destination. Here's the full error log: + Restore using New Script at 12/21/10 (Activity Thread 1) 12/21/10 00:30:01 : Connected to BubbaMacPro To volume BubbaMac 500GB on BubbaMacPro... - 12/21/10 00:30:01 : Restoring from RS8 Daily Backup Set 7, Snapshot BubbaMacPro, 12/20/10 22:00:01 > !Trouble writing files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 12/21/10 01:57:03 : Execution incomplete Remaining: 982526 files, 202.1 GB Completed: 157651 files, 12.2 GB Performance: 236.6 MB/minute Duration: 01:27:02 (00:34:15 idle/loading/preparing)
  2. 2nd attempt gets to roughly the same amount of data (12.2GB) and gives the following error: + Restore using New Script at 12/21/10 (Activity Thread 1) 12/21/10 00:30:01 : Connected to BubbaMacPro To volume BubbaMac 500GB on BubbaMacPro... - 12/21/10 00:30:01 : Restoring from RS8 Daily Backup Set 7, Snapshot BubbaMacPro, 12/20/10 22:00:01 > !Trouble writing files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 12/21/10 01:57:03 : Execution incomplete Remaining: 982526 files, 202.1 GB Completed: 157651 files, 12.2 GB Performance: 236.6 MB/minute Duration: 01:27:02 (00:34:15 idle/loading/preparing)
  3. I have been unable in repeated attempts to get Retro 8.2 past the deleting files on destination media stage when trying to restore all files on a new disk. First attempting a manual Restore- selecting a full restore manually (source, backup media, destination), I get an empty destination in a script and a failed attempt in the activity list. Next attempt, since full restore didn't work, I installed an OS on the empty formatted target drive, then told Retro to restore all files, but not a full disk restore, rather all files with overwrite. This works the same, however taking seemingly as long (or maybe never) deleting 18GB off the drive, I don't know what, if anything, I will wind up with. Deleting takes hours. I did install a system on the new drive, but not a current one. I went by the User Manual descriptions and it doesn't work as described. So it looks like there are two problems: Manual Restore of an entire disk does nothing. Building and trying to use a Restore script that can be saved, results in no files restored. It quits in the "...Deleting files" step on the the target disk.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have an idea why the file that stores all the configuration for Retro (Config80.dat) and the associated backup file (Config80.bak) would BOTH suddenly, mysteriously get trashed/overwritten by empty/new files with exactly same date/time stamps, while Retro apparently was running? See the Console log. This began at about midday, during a backup (see the operations log). It hung the ongoing backup and the machine until it was found that evening. No logged errors occured. Retro simply quit/hung, at the next restart, the config didn't load up and/or trashed the files, all on it's own. Once the Engine was restarted, the machine too, an empty file appeared (47K instead 4.7MB)- all settings seemingly gone. Attaching the report from Console. I examined it and found nothing other than what occurred. First tried looking for some other evidence of problems, then shutting down the engine manually, restarting (this may have generated the new file) to an empty file. The time line began about 11A. The Machine running Retro, as can be seen on the log, isn't in other use. No network issues, etc. My fix, BTW, was to restore the file, from an earlier version with, guess what? Time Machine! I find it hard to believe that it happened out of the blue and have no idea what to check beyond what I did already. Does anyone? After rebuilding the Config80 file, Retro was able to resume its other scheduled events as if nothing happened. Something similar did happen about two years ago, I vaguely recall. Then I wasn't smart enough then to use Time Machine, learned a bit since. Robin gave me the similar advice then- trash the Config file and start over. Once burned, twice shy. Now I backup my machine with Time Machine which has officially saved me from reconfiguring Retro. Any advice would be appreciated. I've also posted this to the email help forum list. Henry
  5. hmseiden

    Can't stop a Grooming task!

    After 23 hrs. total trying to replace/restore/rebuild the catalog, 13 hrs. on a "Resynchronizing..." display, I gave up and ditched the media set altogether. My next oldest backup was two days old and decided to go with that, deleting this catalog and media files. Did new backups of clients overnight (last one has just completed). BTW, on what may be a related topic, I previously increased my network speed to 1000Mb/s (GigE). And speed increased for this backup. I'm guessing that Retro's net throughput increased <2x for a network speed boost of 10X. Are there any figures measuring this? Henry
  6. hmseiden

    Quitting an apparently failed Groom

    Thanks, Robin. I was advised by others that rebuilding a partially groomed catalog could take even longer than starting from scratch rebuilding from the media. I'm not sure what would be the case. But I opted for neither alternative. Actually, I copied over an older catalog, then attempted the restore thinking it would be faster given the catalog was already large and just a few days old. That also proved not to be a time savings, taking 9 hours and no apparent joy or progress. At the end of the day (since I have an existing backup only a day older), opted to delete this file and begin a new backup from scratch instead. If the data was truly necessary, then I would have rebuilt the catalog from the media to start with. The grooming process is extremely time consuming. Thanks for your concern though.
  7. hmseiden

    Can't stop a Grooming task!

    Yep. Here's a caveat that seems important if you intend to repair or rebuild a backup set... Disable all scripts so Retro doesn't try to use them before a repair/rebuild begins! In my case of a blown groom, I found another 4KB file with the same name(?), it was in the directory where the backup catalogs reside. Deleted. Able to pull in (Finder copy) an old saved catalog to allow a repair (faster). Now verifying/resynchronizing the catalog... Will post further results. Henry
  8. I can't stop an apparently failed groom attempt. It's stuck in "Waiting...". It did complete a matching phase, an analyzing phase, then nothing further. See the topic regarding logging of repeated errors. http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/34507/ After 23 hours of one Groom it feels like something is wrong. I basically had the same screen (attached) for a really long time- 15 hours. Compared with another media set. Same screen when I tried to stop the script. Same screen as well logging in from the other (of two) console users. What should I do next? • Restart Retro Engine? • Restart Server computer? Where can I get more information about what Retro is doing in the cycle (I can find nothing in the various logs)? This info is by observation only. Working(?) backup groom: Matching=9hrs. Analyzing=?? Groom=?? Apparently failed groom: Matching=?? Analyzing= 15hrs. Groom= never got there
  9. I had a mysterious failure to execute all automatic scripts. After I manually intervened (shutdown the server, restarted) the backups began to run. However the system is sluggish to say the least. I don't know if it's related to the above but after some 23 hours on a Groom which normally takes 13, I looked at the log. Found this (log portion attached) recurs once or twice a day in the system log. Clue?
  10. hmseiden

    My first full restore with Retro 8.2

    I'll try to remember that. And look into CCC or similar. As you noted, I have a potential target disk with space to do that via FW800. Thanks for the suggestion. Henry
  11. hmseiden

    interpreting logs

    Good post, David. Quite a bit of detective work! I am curious to find where a log event might be for something that didn't occur that should have. Having a problem (first time for this one) that more than one script did not execute in a given day. I got no obvious errors or failures in console reports, yet an entire group of scripts (all yesterday's activity) did not go. Any suggestions of where to look for a script's failed execution? Henry
  12. hmseiden

    My first full restore with Retro 8.2

    Completed restore. Took some 11 hours for 149.7GB.
  13. After my restore of the client onto a new CPU, (see the topic), http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/34434/ I can no longer add back the new client name. I get a 505 error (Client Reserved). Tried deleting the old client name and adding the new client (renamed differently) several times without success. Curiously the original client's name remains. I've tried a restart, renaming the client to a new different name, and uninstalling Retro Client software and reinstalling it. Screen shot attached shows the error. The old client name comes up in Multicast. Anything else to try? Henry Henry
  14. hmseiden

    My first full restore with Retro 8.2

    Yes, of course, if I had the old machine. I sold it off before getting the new one (lucky ebay ad?), so that's not possible. Certainly, I'll consider it for next time. Sadly, it would have been slower, perhaps as slow, not as thorough had I tried to restore it with Migration Assistant or other Apple Utility (I have a time machine backup also), and I would've had to get at least one FW800 cable, looping out of my drive bay. As slow as this is going, it may yet come to that! A question Steve. How long should that last step ('Completing Restore') take? What is it doing there- building a disk with Finder. Verrrryyyyy slooowwwww.
  15. Hello all, Just wanted to document my first full restore with 8.2. I had a new machine that needed a data + OS migration (updated laptop coming from MBP 1,1 to a MBP5,1). Enclosed are screen shots of the procedure. I had moments of panic when I thought that there would be licensing issues with the added machine and/or lost when removing the original. Luckily that proved no problem. Removing the previous client doesn't delete it's backup data. Only grooming or recycling the media does that. Once that hurdle was past, I had to decide if the OS's were suitable to be replaced. The installed OS on the new machine wasn't as current as what I had on the laptop, so that was a non-issue as well. Eight hours later, I am in a completion mode of some 149GB. When that's done, the fun begins. Will check the apps and settings and report back on any issues. I am glad that the final version released in time for this migration as I hoped to avoid the 'beta' version being used to restore. Henry