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Still In Business?

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Consider the following...


• There hasn't been a software update since last July.

• Robin has disappeared from the forums.

• The product has been sold to Sonic.

• Sonic has just been sold to Rovi.


Yet, serious bugs remain and it is still not up to many career admin's quality standards for mission-critical software. To make matters worse, there has been no communication, press release, or even forum post to let everyone know what the future holds.


I think it would be a good idea, if someone on the Retrospect team is listening, to start communicating again. I'd like to know the following...


• Is the product still being developed?

• Roughly when can we expect TIMELY software updates?

• Is Retrospect critical to the new owner's business model?


I don't think that is asking much.


[color:red]Happy New Year![/color]

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Retrospect is still being developed.


>There hasn't been a software update since last July.


This is technically not true. Sonic branded versions of the software were released in September and we are finishing up development work on the next Windows version to add Exchange 2010 support. This requires a total redesign to how Exchange backup is performed. The old EMC Retrospect team members are still around and working on Roxio Retrospect.


I have been very busy with the Roxio transition and have not had time to post responses to the forum. Lennart is correct, this is a "user to user" forum and we have let the community of Retrospect users respond to posts. If you need direct technical support you should visit http://www.retrospect.com/support


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