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I tried 7.7 with Ex2010, doesn't recongnize the storage groups.


Here is an e-mail I got from them about Exchange 2010 support.


From: Teater_Sxxxxxx@emc.com

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 4:43 PM

Subject: re: Exchange 2010 support




We will not have support for Exchange 2010 till mid year (June/July 2010).


Development is currently in progress for the Exchange Server agent add-on (for Exchange 2010).


Any questions let me know.


Best regards,




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I know that Mr Mayoff is trying to help. But real help would be talking to R&D and get a realistic estimate instead of pointing out the next quarter or end of the year or not this month for sure.


I know it is not easy to commit a time for R&D but one year of excuses is just too much. Or let us know that "we dropped the ball", "they are selling the Company again" "No budget, it is over folks" so that we move on.


I am quoting Mr Mayoff's posts for reference


01-28-10 06:39 AM - Post#134543 In response to szembek

No. I believe 2010 support will require a big change to how Retrospect does mailbox backups.


04-02-10 04:40 PM - Post#137259 In response to David Mekalian

Exchange 2010 is NOT SUPPORTED and will not be for at least 1 or 2 more software updates.


04-09-10 01:25 PM - Post#137437 In response to szembek

We have not announced a release date for this feature. It will not be available in june for sure.


06-22-10 04:55 AM - Post#139737 In response to szembek

Support for Exchange 2010 will be much later in the year.


09-20-10 07:56 AM - Post#142821 In response to fakaul

It is not yet supported. I wish it was. This 2010 support will be in our next planned update. I do not know the timing yet.


11-04-10 03:33 AM - Post#143926 In response to RobertVil

I do not have an exact date, but I think it will be early in Q1.

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New Exchange 2010 option requires an additional License. It is not the regular Exchange License. It is an upgrade License over Exchange License. I e-mailed support for an order part number. They have not replied. Can you post the part number so that we can order as well ?

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