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  1. What happened to the guy with the muppet avatar back when this was a dantz product? He seemed like an employee of the software company that was always able to at least try to assist users with their problems.
  2. Wow, has retrospect stopped offering support of any kind in these forums? I just checked and I see that no one's issues are ever replied too here....
  3. I found this old thread, but the article link is no longer good: http://forums.retros...__fromsearch__1 Basically it just says user deferred over and over, but he hasn't. His client is up and turned on. This just started. edit: it's a mac client for the record.
  4. I am moving my retrospect 7.7 server from a windows xp machine, to a windows 7 machine. I found config77.dat on the xp machine, but cannot determine where to put it on the windows 7 machine. Thanks
  5. For anyone else with this issue, this is what I found for 2010 instructions: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000042RT&PARAMS=set-locale=en However, my trial install shows 'not licensed' for some of the exchange options, why is that?
  6. Is there an updated user guide for retrospect? I'm trying to configure this test server to backup exchange, but the PDF guide that comes with 7.7 is incredibly out of date. It lists no info beyond Exchange 2003 and Server 2003 for that matter. Maybe a URL to an online version? Really you might want to just take those PDFs completely out of the installer.
  7. Thank you mayoff! I'll try this on a second machine just to play with the features and make sure it's what I need. I was given incorrect information by Roxio customer service!
  8. Looking for feedback, I'm comparing options here. I currently use retrospect for regular server backups, but have never used it with exchange. Roxio claims they are unable to give me a 1 week license to try it out. Not sure what the harm would be, but not sure I want to spend $1000 on a piece of software I cannot try before I buy.
  9. Yeah, not sure. Retrospect was nice because it was simple, but apparently it's getting too simple if they won't support something as common as exchange.
  10. I agree. Really are there any other options out there other than symantec?
  11. Yeah, it seems to me that they have no intention of supporting exchange.... maybe moving out of server backups completely?
  12. Thanks for the quick update, I really hope it gets in here soon, I really want to keep using retrospect as our backup solution.
  13. A couple of problems, for one I haven't been able to do a scheduled backup to a remote location, only 'backup once' seems to work for remote locations. Also, with your second method, you'd have to shut down all mail services while the backup is in progress?
  14. Ok, I figured it out. The reason for this error was that you need to install the i386 libraries. I will post here the modified procedure I used based on the above list of commands. There were just a couple extras I needed to do. This is the way how I did it (for 64 bit): - sudo aptitude install alien - sudo aptitude install libstdc++6 - sudo apt-get install ia32-libs - Donwloaded Linux_Client-XXX.rpm from here (XXX is your version) - sudo alien Linux_Client-XXX.rpm - sudo vim retroclient-XXX/debian/control - Set the Architecture to amd64 or append amd64 to it (devided by a space) - cd retroclient-XXX - sudo debian/rules binary - cd .. - sudo dpkg -i retroclient_XXX_amd64.deb - sudo cp /usr/local/dantz/client/rcl /etc/init.d/ - update-rc.d rcl defaults 99 - cd /usr/local/dantz/client/ - sudo ./retroclient -setpass - sudo /etc/init.d/rcl start Done!
  15. Ok, I ran sudo /etc/init.d/rcl start and I get an error: /usr/local/dantz/client/retroclient: not found yet this file does exist... any suggestions? Is ther a path that needs to be set somewhere?
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