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Email notification failed: Error -541


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I've got a problem getting email notifications up and running again on a win2003 server with Retrospect 7.6.123


If I press the Send test email button, Retrospect pops up the error: Email notification failed: Error -541


I have changed the log level, and here is the output from a test mail:

soctSetThread: socket thread now 0xd58

smtpOpen: connecting using port 49.152

soccOpen: socket send buffer size is 65.536

soccOpen: socket recv buffer size is 65.536

soccCallback: FD_CONNECT failed, error 10061

smtpOpen: connection failed using port 49.152

smtpSend: "QUIT"



I'm a bit puzzled, not only has this setup been running for more than a year, only change has been a change of ip-adresses internally on the network.

I'm using an ip adresse to connect to the smtp server, and I've done a manual test mail via command prompt:

telnet smtp-server 25

helo server

mail from: from@email.address

rcpt to: to@email.address


some data



Also I'm a bit confused about the -541 error, because email sending shouldn't have anything to do with the retrospect client.



Kind regards


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Hi Lennart

Yep that did the trick, I was actually looking for a place to specify the port number, but didn't try this simple fix.


What puzzles me is, that it just stopped working, and that error -541 message was a bit off.



thanks and have a nice evening.


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