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  1. Does anyone running Windows version 10 know if you can bind the client to a specific address again? Thanks
  2. Yeah, the pattern of leaving a group of snapshots behind is what I'm used to seeing when some bit changes to make the server think it is a new client. The backups don't complain at all for any client that does not groom.
  3. It's a new set. Had a disk failure a few weeks ago so I started from scratch on the new disk. Dates are 8/13,14,20,21,22,25,26,27 The dates for the 8 snapshot client in the restore area that have a human head are 8/20,21,25,26 The other 4 snapshots have a computer icon.
  4. Unfortunately not. I have seen taht behavior before when moving users to new computers. I have purged the offending snapshots to the grooming specifications and subsequent backups continue to not be groomed requiring me to manually groom again. I did notice in the "Restore" area that some backup clients have human heads instead of computers. Not sure if that is part of the problem or not.
  5. I have a backup set called Desktops. It runs overnight to disk. In the morning a groom script runs. The backup set preference for grooming is the last 4 backups. Onlycertain clients groom correctly. I have to go in and manually forget the old snapshots for the clients that do not groom automatically. Has anyone else seen this? Is there an easy solution? Manually removing snapshots is very time consuming.
  6. I found out the 8.5 client does not have this functionality yet. I am using the 7.7 client which does. It is on the "things to do" list.
  7. I also tried 'retroclient -ipsave xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'
  8. I upgraded my client on Exchange from 7.6 to 8.5. Removed 7.6 client. Installed .NET 4.0 Rebooted. Installed 8.5 client. Need to bind the client to a different interface than it is grabbing. With the old client you would modify BindListener in the registry but I am unable to find that value after the new client install. Looked in the manual and searched but only found the BindListener instructions. Thanks!
  9. Good to know. Grooming has been awesome since 8.2. Thanks!
  10. I got the same error in Retro 8.1 with 2 windows clients that are running in a VM. They work fine in my 7.6 installation.
  11. This helped me out too! New install, using local server to relay. The error message is not much help.
  12. I am trying to restore some files. The restore log says member is "Reported missing by user" I go to the backup set and look at the member in question and it not marked as lost or damaged or to be skipped. Meanwhile, backups have been working to this member, grooming has been working, and I can browse the snapshot to see the files. But I cannot restore them! MultiServer 7.6.123 Update and hot fix Member is a disk.
  13. That's what I do too. If the user is not around and the machine is locked, I pull the network cable out and wait 20 seconds before plugging it back in. When I go back to the server console, Retrospect has moved along. I then send the user a message to reboot their machine at some point before the backups run again.
  14. I did a chkdsk on the catalog file volume and it made it through the night. The catalog file is 1.5 GB, it takes forever to rebuild from tape. If it hangs again, that's what I'll do.
  15. As an experiment I tried just hitting the stop all executions button to see if that would free up the backup set. After waiting awhile for it to stop everything, the backup set is still unaccessable. Same error as before.
  16. When I try to open Backup Set K, I get the following error. "Can't continue using Backup Set K, error -843 (resource is in use by another operation)" Backup set K was recycled on 5-4-08. I'd hope it didn't get corrupted since then. Yeah, the only solution is to quit and relaunch it to get it going again. Of course it fails in the middle of the night and that logjams all the scripts. Thanks for the reply.
  17. Windows 2000 Server SP4 Retrospect Multi 7.5.508 hot fix SpectraLogic 2k firmware 2202 (I requested the latest, 2204) with Sony SDX-700C AIT-3 drive firmware 0201 (the latest) I upgraded from 7.0 to 7.5 and after random scripts that write to tape, subsequest tape scripts do not execute. They sit in the waiting tab with Status of 'Waiting for Sony AIT-2 DC' or 'Waiting for Backup Set K' Scripts that backup to disk run normally. Anyone else seen this? My next step is to rebuild I guess.
  18. Has anyone upgraded from AIT-3 to AIT-5? With AIT-3 I get about 120GB per tape. Is retrospect fast enough to take advantage of the newer tape technology? I am wondering if upgrading is cost effective. Thanks. E
  19. I waited for a time when no otehr scripts were running and let it run by itself. It made it through the backup. I am now wondering if it is an issue if it runs concurrent with another script. I'll let it go through next week and see if I get another crash.
  20. Multi Server Version 7.5.387 Drive Update and Hot Fix, version Client is running Vista, with Retrospect Client 7.5.116 It backed up fine to disk the first couple of times. Now whenever that machine comes up in the proactive list, Retrospect crashes with Assertion failure at 'elem.cpp-1000' I choose to send the error report each time. Will there be a new client or hot fix to remedy this? E
  21. Interesting. I ended up just manually selecting everything I needed but I'll try that an see how it works.
  22. I am trying to select sub folders in a product directory. /products/productname/v1.1.1/bin/ /products/productname/v1.1.2/bin/ /products/productname/v1.1.3/bin/ My selector is as follows. UNIX path of folder matches pattern /products/productname/*/bin/ selecting all enclosed items. Nothing is returned as selected. I've also tried /products/productname/v?.?.?/bin/ and /products/productname/*1.1.1/bin/ with no luck. Multi Server Version 7.0.326
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