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  1. I'm just puzzled, why there are no way to see where the file is located, if it spans multiple mediaset members.
  2. Setup: An archiving mediaset spanning multiple 8TB external harddrives. When we try to restore files from this archive, the restore process doesn't tell which of the drives it needs. Is there a way to get that info ? kind regards Lars
  3. Hi Robin Indeed, Microsoft has totally rewamped their website, but I did download the sql2005_bc from the new site, and I still get the same error. kind regards Lars
  4. I have a win2008r2 server with an SQL2008 server installed. I'm struggling with installing the SQL2005 backwards compability plug-in, I get an "installation of the product failed because it is not supported on this operating system". I'm a bit puzzled because just resently I did the install on another server without any problems. Anybody seen this error before ? Kind regards Lars
  5. Hi John Do you have both a SQL and Exchange service installed on that server ? Kind regards Lars
  6. My setup is a hp server with e5645 2,4GHz processor, 24GB mem. and 2x300GB sas drives in raid1. Server is running win2008 with Retrospect Multiserver 8.1. I have an Exchange 2010 server running atop another 2008 server. My "problem" is that backup of individual mailboxes takes a long time, about 12 hours for 120 mailboxes. A full backup of the exchange databases is done in about 5 hours. I have tried to move the backup from lto3 tape library to disk backup, but it seem that most of the time is used on opening mailbox and scanning it. Is there a way to speedup this type of backup? Kind regards Lars
  7. Is it the same brand of tapes? Ar you using hardware compression? kind regards Lars
  8. Hi Forum I have a win2008 server with two Overland tape libraries connected. Both Libraries support barcodes, so all tapes are recognized by Retrospect by both barcode and backupset name. After upgrading to 7.7 I'm have lots of problems with Retrospect not recognizing tapes, I have to force a rescan of library. After a rescan I can start scripts, an Retrospect pickup the correct tape, but often it stalles in the middel of a backup asking for the tape that is already loaded in the drive. At this point I'm almost ready to downgrade to version 7.6 :-( Has anybody seen this problem, and if so, is there an easy cure? Kind regards Lars
  9. Hi Lennart Yep that did the trick, I was actually looking for a place to specify the port number, but didn't try this simple fix. What puzzles me is, that it just stopped working, and that error -541 message was a bit off. thanks and have a nice evening. Lars
  10. I've got a problem getting email notifications up and running again on a win2003 server with Retrospect 7.6.123 If I press the Send test email button, Retrospect pops up the error: Email notification failed: Error -541 I have changed the log level, and here is the output from a test mail: soctSetThread: socket thread now 0xd58 smtpOpen: connecting using port 49.152 soccOpen: socket send buffer size is 65.536 soccOpen: socket recv buffer size is 65.536 soccCallback: FD_CONNECT failed, error 10061 smtpOpen: connection failed using port 49.152 smtpSend: "QUIT" I'm a bit puzzled, not only has this setup been running for more than a year, only change has been a change of ip-adresses internally on the network. I'm using an ip adresse to connect to the smtp server, and I've done a manual test mail via command prompt: telnet smtp-server 25 helo server mail from: from@email.address rcpt to: to@email.address data some data . Also I'm a bit confused about the -541 error, because email sending shouldn't have anything to do with the retrospect client. Kind regards Lars
  11. My setup is: Retrospect 7.6 multiserver 10 servers on local lan 4 servers connect via wan links I have everything up and running, but my problem is the initial backup of the 4 remote servers, as the wan link range from 2 to 20 Mbit in speed. The initial backup will be approx. 150 GB per sever, and daily changes in the range of 1 to 5 GB. Is there an easier way to get the first full backup up and running, I was thinking of putting the data on removal harddrives and bring them to the local network, but is it possible to cheat Retrospect that way? Kind regards Lars
  12. Hi Forum The setup is an OS-X server with Retrospect Workgroup 6.1, clients a mix of OS-X and one Win-XP. The problem is with the client software installled on the Win-XP machine, retrospect is running in the background, and the server can backup the client, but if I try to start the client to change preferences, the preference window never shows up. The pc has Norton internet security installed, but both the xp and the norton firewall is disabled. Only right after a restart is it possible to get to the preferences. I have checked the event log, but as this is windows, I didn't really expect anything to show up here. kind regards Barup
  13. Hi Forum The setup is a Retrospect multi server 7.0.326 with open file module. This server takes care of backing up 30 servers and around 50 clients to a LTO2 Library from Overland. My problem is, that then the backup server access my win2003 server running webservices, the w3wp.exe service dies ("Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.0, faulting module unkown, ). If I go to services, I can manually restart the service. From the event log I can see that the timing matches the time when Retrospect kicks in. BTW I have the newest client software. Anybody know of a workaround? Kind regards Lars
  14. Hi Okay I can live with that, but I'm a bit puzzled about howto make backup of a lot of winxp machines. Right now I'm testing with 10 clients in a backupset, and doing my backup to disk (raidsystem), but Retrospect will only do backup of one client at a time. Is it possible to get Retrospect to work on multiple clients at the same time? I was planning to do backup of at least 200 clients, but that seems like a no go, if Retrospect only do one client at a time. kind regards Lars
  15. Hi Forum Anybody know if it's possible to install the retrospect client via Windows SMS? And is it possible to hide the client software from the user (stealth mode), so users are not allowed to switch of the client? kind regards Lars
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