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Backup set: Plenty of space, but not free... ?

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Have a strange problem that suddenly cropped up on one of my exchange server database backups:


(FYI, it's disk to disk to help any confusion)


The backup set consists of two members, 1-Exchange and 2-Exchange, as at the time I didn't know sets could be grown if no backup was currently being done it it (duh!). Either way, total size for 1-Exchange is 298.0G, 2-Exchange has 806.0G. total space on the destination disk is about 1.5Tb, so it's not a matter of overextending.


Summary shows a current use of 397.2G, which of course should very easily fit into the 1Tb(ish) space allocated, but both show "zero K 0%" free.


I've grown the first set to 500Gb netting me 203Gb to play with and to stem the problem of backups not occuring, but this brings up a larger issue of why this has happened and how we can avoid it happening again.


Anyone have any ideas? Is this a 'real' issue, or another case of user-being-stupid? Any help would be appreciated!



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Well, increasing that to 99% did increase my free space to around what is overall free on the disk it is backup up to; however, why would that be... Is shows "Use at most XXG *or* XX percent"?


Setting it to say, 10% of 2.5Tb should use 250Gb (making this up for easier math), so if you have a 150G backup set you should still have 100G left, right?


That is assuming that percent is 'percent of total space' and not 'percent of free space' that is - Is that assumption correct?

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