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login to the SQL Server failed


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Hello everybody,


I run a Microsoft SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008 Server system. Retrospect version 7.6.123 is installed on a seperate backup server. I installed the Retrospect client without any problems on the SQL Server. I can add the client within Retrospect but the login to the SQL-Server database failed. The SQL Server runs in mixed mode, but both methods (Domain login or SQL login) to access the server failed. As stated in the releases notes, the current version should support this constellation.


Any ideas?


best regards

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we set up a special "service-account" for backup this SQL-Server in the target domain. This account is member of the following groups:

Domain Administrator and Backup Operator


As I said, I can add the client to retrospect, the SQL Server and the local Volume C is correctly displayed. When I click on the SQL icon I have to enter login credentials and can choose between:

1. use current RBU Information

2. use SQL Authentication

3. Use Domain Authentication


Number 1 is no option because we use this backup server to backup several servers from different domains (datacenter backup). I have to use option 2. or 3.

I tried for 2. the login data for the "sa" user, but this does not work. For option 3 I tried the login data for the "service-account", but this also failed.


best regards

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not as far as I know. We only get it working with the "sa" user.

Anyway, I don't care, cause we're go to switiching our backup software soon. I mean, hey, no agent for Exchange 2010 while other vendors have it already and there's still no date for availability? Sorry, but this is unbeliveable.


best regards

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