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  1. as expected no reply, this forum is dead aswell their software... or they simply don't give a sh... about their customers...
  2. unfortunately another problem which is simply ingored by the support / company.... I just wait for "upgrade to the latest version".....
  3. Hi, here is a link to the March 2014 Update of MAPI CDO, unfortunately both version does not fix our problem. http://www.microsoft.com/en-sg/download/confirmation.aspx?id=42040
  4. Hi, same here "Error in Cmdlet Get-PublicFolderDatabase, Parameter {Identity=Mailbox Database 2013032212}." It is definitly caused by Retrospect, so how to fix it? Enviroment: SBS 2011 & Exchange 2010 latest SP, Retrospect SBS 8.5.0. (136).
  5. Hi, same problem here, only solution is to stop and restart retrospect. Regards
  6. and we're still waiting for fix. come on guys, what can be so difficult to fix such a clearly problem?
  7. Nowadays... easy decision.. we recommend cutomers to use another backup software. Why? As Exchange 2007 was released there were also no support for Exchange 2007 within a timely manner. That they now have exactly the same "problem" with Exchange 2010 is unbeliveable. [irony]But hey, it was absolutely surprising that a new Exchange version was released by MS so it was impossible to "get" a working agent for Exchange 2010 within one year after RTM-Version of Ex2010[/irony]
  8. Update: I solved my problem moving the problematical server to the end of my volume list. During the problem he was at the top of the volume list, after moving it to the end the problem was gone. best regards
  9. UPDATE: I tried a CHKDSK yesterday on the mentioned terminal server, sadly without any success. Oh wait, the first backup after the reboot runs fine, I started later the day another backup to verify that my problem is solved. Guess what... this backup actually has a throughput 0,0MB/min and hangs. Some more solutions? best regards
  10. Hi, because this server is a terminalserver it runs 24/7. it was never restarted during a backup or something like that. best regards
  11. Hi Daniels, hi Lennart, thank you both for the reply and suggestions. @Lennart: will try that @Daniels: those cache files were just an example. You're right, there's no need for them, but the verify also stops on other, more important, files. I can exclude the mentioned files, but this won't help me with the rest. Anyway, I will try a chkdsk on this machine and we'll see if this solve my problem. If someone have more ideas, let me know. best regards
  12. Hello everybody, I have a environment of two Windows 2003 servers. One fileserver and one terminalserver, both on the latest Microsoft patchlevel. We are using Retrospect 7.6, Retrospect is installed on the fileserver with a external Tandberg Data Storageloader 1U sttached (SCSI), the terminalserver is backuped using the Retrospect client 7.6. After several months/years without any problems I got now the following error: After finishing the backup, the verify process starts. Then suddenly, the data throughput drops to 0,0MB/min and the verify process does not continue. If I make nothing, the job will run endless and will never finish. The curious thing is: the verify process stops at different files. For example job a) stops at some windows internal files, I cancel this job and start job and this fails for example on some user data files. the last message within the backup protocoll was for example (translated) There are no additional error messages in the eventlog on the fileserver or the terminalserver. We made no changes to this systems, except Windows updates. What did we tried: - rebooting both servers - deactivated antivirus software - reinstalled and readded the client on the terminalserver - updated network drivers - changed network cables - changed scsi cables - changed scsi terminator - changed order within the backup source groups - try to add the volumes of the client to retrospect instead the whole client Any ideas how to resolve this issue? best regards
  13. not as far as I know. We only get it working with the "sa" user. Anyway, I don't care, cause we're go to switiching our backup software soon. I mean, hey, no agent for Exchange 2010 while other vendors have it already and there's still no date for availability? Sorry, but this is unbeliveable. best regards
  14. yes, I see all configured databases
  15. installing the backward compaitibility solved the problem partially. I can now login with the sa user, login as Active Directory user still fails. best regards
  16. Hello, we set up a special "service-account" for backup this SQL-Server in the target domain. This account is member of the following groups: Domain Administrator and Backup Operator As I said, I can add the client to retrospect, the SQL Server and the local Volume C is correctly displayed. When I click on the SQL icon I have to enter login credentials and can choose between: 1. use current RBU Information 2. use SQL Authentication 3. Use Domain Authentication Number 1 is no option because we use this backup server to backup several servers from different domains (datacenter backup). I have to use option 2. or 3. I tried for 2. the login data for the "sa" user, but this does not work. For option 3 I tried the login data for the "service-account", but this also failed. best regards
  17. Hello everybody, I run a Microsoft SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008 Server system. Retrospect version 7.6.123 is installed on a seperate backup server. I installed the Retrospect client without any problems on the SQL Server. I can add the client within Retrospect but the login to the SQL-Server database failed. The SQL Server runs in mixed mode, but both methods (Domain login or SQL login) to access the server failed. As stated in the releases notes, the current version should support this constellation. Any ideas? best regards
  18. Hello, as others already reported: a Backup with NTBackup works without any problems. There are no more additional informations in the event log. regards
  19. Is there a final solution for this problem available? We just migrated Retrospect to a new hardware and since this migration we got this error. Tried already everything what was suggested in this and other threads without any success. Out problem is exactly the same as others: 1. Full Backup works without any problems. 2. Inkr. Backup does not work with the following error message: T-10:>>>HrESEBackupGetLogAndPatchFiles(0c8000232) -- Some log or patch files are missing T-10: >>>HrESEBackupOpenFile(0c8000232) -- Some log or patch files are missing. Error reading files, Error -3714 (Some log or patch files are missing) As I said, tried everything on this and other threads without any solution. Any more ideas? Retrospect runs on a FSC RX100 Server, W2K3 SP2, Retrospect Version: SCSI Controller: Adaptec 29160LP ("newest drivers from adaptec") Backup Device: Tandberg Data LTO2 Storage Loader. Ideas are greatly appreciated. kind regards
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