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HELP please! Error -1115 while rebuilding catalog???


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I've run into a new one. I'm rebuilding a catalog file (after groom failed) for one of our backup drives. I'm getting this error:


Can't create snapshot, error -1115 (disk full)

...no matter what I do.


The catalog should be a bit over 2 GB. It gets several hours into the rebuild, then fails (with several dozen of these errors.)


The local drive where catalogs live has 30+GB free.

C: has 5+ GB free.

The backup drive has 5+ GB free.


What do I need to do to get past this?

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Wait a sec. I think I may know the problem then.


The catalogs are stored on a FAT32 partition. Max file size: 4GB.


If the compressed size is 2GB, it would be no surprise if the uncompressed size is bigger than the max file size for FAT32!


We'll know in a few minutes... the (uncompressed) intermediate file is now bigger than 3GB.


I'll watch it happen just to be sure, then will redo that partition as NTFS.


This may be a good one for a FAQ somewhere. Assuming I am right, error -1115 should note:


- While rebuilding a catalog, the catalog is first created in uncompressed form, which is much larger than the final compressed file. The catalog disk partition must have enough space for the uncompressed version, AND the filesystem must be able to handle a file of that size. (FAT32 is limited to 4GB files; you may need to use an NTFS partition.)


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Final result of my recatalog experience:


For a backup drive with 2.68 million files, 670GB of data...


- Final compressed *.rbc catalog is only 1.3GB

- Intermediate uncompressd *.tbc file: 26GB!

- (It took 7 1/2 hours to recatalog; eSATA disk interface to Seagate FreeAgent Pro drive)



  • The recatalog needs a TON of working space, perhaps 1GB+ per 100,000 files in the backup.
  • The working space is on the catalog partition, NOT C:
  • AND (most important) the catalog storage partition HAS to be an NTFS drive. Can't recatalog a backup device of any size on FAT32!


This should be a highlighted warning in the documentation.

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I figured this one out myself as well. I have tape sets that span 4-6 DLT-S4 800/1600 tapes and if the catalog becomes corrupt I have to recreate it on my RAID, not my C drive. The finished/uncorrupted catalog file for these sets is usually <=2GB, but prior to completion, during the rebuild process they sometimes get up to 300-400GB!!!

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