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  1. The short answer is that I am backing up data which for various regulatory reasons must be retained for very long periods (minimum 7 years) and I would like to be able to segment this stuff into "recent" backups that are available more readily, and "archival" data which is stored and housed in glacier...
  2. it's now been over a year and a half and I was wondering if there had been any updates here. It would be really nice to be able to attach retrospect to an AWS VTL
  3. Does retrospect (I am running 11.5 multi-server for windows) support use of amazon's virtual tape library? Is there a howto on this somewhere if so?
  4. We are running retrospect multi-server for windows 12 and are looking to alter our backup environment. Essentially we want to know if it is supported to run retrospect inside a VMWare instance. Specific questions are: 1. Is Retrospect supported when running on a Microsoft Windows 2012 VM? Physical host is running VMware ESXi 6.0u2 2. Is Retrospect supported with VMware Passthrough for external SAS devices? SAS controller is an HPE P441 RAID controller, SAS tape drive is an external HPE StoreEver LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 3. How does licensing differ if running Retrospect in a VM, but backing up desktops only (and not VMs) Thanks!
  5. So my current setup is that I have a quantum L700 DLT-S4 and a 12TB locally attached RAID on a single server backing up several clients. We long ago virtualized every other server but this one, and the server is starting to show its age. What I want to do is create a new VMWare host for retrospect, and use our NetAPP for the disk sets and then connect to a tape drive via iSCSI, but it appears that the list of devices that retrospect supports has not been updated in some time (or possibly I am looking in the wrong place): http://www.retrospect.com/en/devices?utf8=%E2%9C%93&manufacturers=&interfaces=iSCSI&media_types=Tape+Library&commit=Search Are there are single-tape LTO-6 or LTO-7 drives that retrospect supports, connecting via iSCSI? I don't have the funds (or the business need) to purchase a multi-tens-of-thousands-of-dollar tape library that is anyways using tapes whose capacities are smaller than the S4's that I am using now... As an aside - does retrospect support the use of AWS's Storage Gateway, which can emulate a virtual tape library over iSCSI? TIA!
  6. I was running the V7.7 client under ubuntu 12.04LTS and it was working. I updated to the V10.0.2_104 client and now that one doesn't work. I want to remove the 10.0.2 client and re-install the V7.7 client (which I still have). How can I do this? The 10.0.2 client only has Install.sh and RCL.tar but no Uninstall.sh or anything like that. Trying to just straight install the 7.7 client on top of the 10.0.2 client causes aptitude to die.
  7. Here is the log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12420098/ I am using proactive backup and once it hits this client it just sits there and never backs up. The proactive backup is only on at night and when I go to open the client the next morning it says "505 client in use" and I can never back this machine up. What gives?
  8. Have to check, but it's a relatively new iMac... I also just checked and you are on verion 11.5 of the retrospect for mac client, and this user has V 6, so probably time to upgrade that and see if it fixes it.
  9. I have a user who has some iTunes songs by Beyonce and Toni Toni Tone etc, various groups with accented "e" and "i" characters in the file name. She is running the 6.3.029 version of the mac client and when her machine is scanned those folders give a "scanning incomplete, error -1101" error, I am thinking because of the funny characters. Is there a newer version of the mac client which fixes this?
  10. I had to install 8 because there was a bug in there that was fixed and had been causing me headaches for years. Been on it for a couple of weeks now and not seen any problems (yet)
  11. What version are you using? There was a bug with V7.6 around asking for a tape that was already in the drive that plagued me
  12. FYI I've found my 64-bit deb installer (that I made myself) to be much more reliable since ubuntu 11.04...
  13. I have built a 64-bit .DEB package, which has worked just fine so far on two ubuntu machines, if anyone wants it.
  14. I think you mean robin? He is still with the company I believe. It looks like these forums are not getting as much attentions as they used to though... And yes I have problems all the time with corruption - both in the catalog files and the disk sets themselves.
  15. Retrospect 7.7.620 64-bit, windows server 2008 64-bit. I have two servers, each one with two RAIDs, both formatted to RAID5. One has a single LUN of ~2TB and the second has 3xLUNs of abour 4.2 TB and a fourth of about 2.8 TB. I use the small RAID to store my disk set catalog files and I span my disk backup sets across the 4 LUNS in the second RAID. The problem that I am experiencing is backup set corruption. Almost always in the catalog file but occasionally with "missing" files inside the disk set itself. I put missing in quotes because when I attempt to rebuild the catalog files it will allow me to browse for the missing file and when I find it, in the correct directory, retrospect still indicates that the file is missing. :-/ My main problem is with corruption in the catalog files. I purchased the smaller RAIDs in order to be able to store the catalog files on a location other than the boot disk (which, due to circumstances beyond my control is rather small). I did THIS because the disk catalog file rebuild process requires a TREMENDOUS amount of scratch space, and also because I hate tape drives attached to both machines and tape catalog files are rather large. Each of my 8 disk sets has each of the 4 LUNS on the larger RAID as 'members.' Every once in a while, a set will show 0% free in one of the four members, when the disk actually has space. If I double-click on the member, the "skip this member" box is not checked, and the window that pops up DOES indicate the free space. When I click OK and get back to the 'members' tab in the disk set, though. the free space remains at 0%. Usually any attempt to back up to this set gives me a "catalog file out of sync" error. Occasionally when I "rebuild from disk" using "all disks" for the corrupt set, the resulting catalog file will STILL give me "out of sync" errors. I want to know when this problem will be fixed in the application. I know it's not my hardware since I am seeing the problem on two different servers...
  16. Retrospect is a very finicky product, but I have to say I've seen worse. There's a lot of little tricks you need to know and sometimes you just have to experiment with a backup strategy that works for your setup...
  17. retrospect staff is aware of this problem. I called them yesterday to gripe about it AGAIN. My solution to this is to have a proactive backup job that backs up the C:\ProgramData\retrospect folder ITSELF once a day. So I can always just restore the settings from a clean "empty" retrospect application, quit out, and recover. Although I have to admit it's been a VERY VERY long time since I've had any corruption in that config file
  18. It would be useful to do a pastebin of your entire log, or at least the parts that describe your errors. -102 trouble communicating means that retrospect lost connection to the machine or drive. This can be caused by ALL KINDS of stuff including networking problems, a failing drive, power management on the client, etc etc etc. Insufficient permissions may be due to the user on the client under which retrospect is running not having permissions to read a file. That drrwin.tmp thing has been rehashed a ton on the old forums: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=+site:forums.dantz.com+DRWINNT.TMP
  19. Guys retrospect is in the process of spinning off as a separate company and I'm told they're bringing back a lot of the old dantz engineering team, which is a good thing.
  20. Roxio's parent company got purchased by Rovi (http://www.rovicorp.com/), and I guess that rovi doesn't consider backup an important part of their business so retrospect is spinning off by itself. I imagine this process will take some time but ultimately be good for us because it will mean a restoration of the old Dantz family, and allow the engineers and all the staff to focus solely on retrospect instead of being a small cog in a big machine in a company with many other products. I'm optimistic, especially seeing a new 9.0 release for mac...
  21. during what backup job does that happen? To a disk set? File set? Tape set? What kind of device is the data going to?
  22. Also you have to keep in mind that retrospect (to my eternal anger) doesn't do block-level backup. So if the timestamp on a file changes, retrospect backs up the entire file again, not just the changed sectors...
  23. I get strange behavior with retrospect thinking that members of disk sets are full even though they're not all the time. Almost always this problem is due to corruption of the catalog file. Have you tried "recreate from disk" process for the catalog file on this set? What drive do you store the catalog files on? How much free space is there on that disk? If you're using grooming, you should have at LEAST 10GB of free space PER EXECUTION UNIT on the drive housing your catalog files. Also be aware that the catalog file rebuilt process needs a ton of free space because retrospect doesn't compress the catalog file until it completes the rebuild. For a multiple terrabyte disk set I'd say you need like 200GB of scratch space free to rebuild the catalog file.
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