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Backing up to eSATA Drive Sets?

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I've been looking at the costs for backup media. It looks like hard drives have finally reached the magic breakeven point with tape. So now I'm looking at recommending that a client uses hard drives in a point multiplier case for backup instead of tape. But I just want to confirm that this should work.


I've found the part in the documentation where "Media Handling Preferences" includes the option to "Use FireWire/USB hard drives as removable disks". I haven't seen it explicitly stated anywhere, but it does seem to be implied that this option also applies to eSATA drives. Is this actually the case?


In case it matters: I'm looking at drives in a FirmTek PM5 enclosure attached to a RocketRaid 2522 or 2314MP card. (The enclosure and cards use the Port Multiplier feature to connect multiple drives via a single cable.)

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