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  1. Is there a way to have Retrospect shut down clients and the backup machine after completing a backup?
  2. I just upgraded from Retrospect 11.5 to 12.5 today. One problem I immediately noticed is that once again, email notifications have stopped working. (They worked only rarely in 11.0, and had finally become mostly reliable in 11.5.) The first failure message I saw says "No server found at that address (-597)" which is clearly not true since it was working just before the upgrade. After digging around the forums, I found notes that disabling the SSL feature should fix the problem, but attempting to do so leads to an "Invalid response from SMTP server (-592)" error. I captured the TCP communications between my Retrospect Server machine and the mail server. Here they are, sanitized for privacy: As you can see, Retrospect is definitely communicating with my mail server. Is there a solution to this?
  3. When Retrospect is working correctly, that the tape is already loaded in the library and known to be there by Retrospect, it will load the tape into the drive and automatically continue merrily on its way. It's only when this error crops up that Retrospect stops and asks for a tape it already knows about. BTW, after rebuilding the catalog, I was finally able to restore the vm -- 5 days after I needed it and had fortunately discovered a copy I had made less than a month before. I am not happy about Retrospect's lack of reliability and timeliness.
  4. After finishing the rebuild of the catalog (it's 4.13 GB!), Retrospect engine released the memory it had been eating:
  5. When reading tapes, I've found Retrospect to be far more reliable if it's in the library and pre-identified by Retrospect before trying to access it for reading or writing. I'm now more than 48 hours into the rebuild (6 AIT-5 tapes) and Retrospect Engine is apparently eating all my RAM, to the point where I had to shut everything else down. And it's still not done. After shutting everything else down (that I could): About 2 hours later:
  6. I'm running Retrospect 10 (the last release of the series) to manage backups on my Mac. I'm trying to restore a "file" (actually a Parallels VM, which only pretends to be a single file). When I attempt to do the restore, it needs to look on multiple tapes. The problem is that it keeps insisting the tape it asked for "is already in use by another Media Set." This is REALLY frustrating because there are no other processes running other than this restore. It's as if the restore is locking itself out of its own process! Here's a screen shot: A backup system which is unable to restore due to an obvious bug like this is absolutely useless! How do I restore this file that I desperately need without Retrospect tripping over its own feet on a smooth floor? Please help me save my sanity and prevent a tape library shaped hole from appearing in my window! Edited to Add: Configuration: Mac OS 10.8.5, Retrospect 10.5 (145), Mac Pro 3.33 GHz 6-Core Xeon, ATTO Tech UL5D SCSI card, Sony AIT-5 LIB-DB1 Library.
  7. I (finally) managed to figure it out. There's nothing like hunting and hunting and hunting for an answer, failing to find it, then finding it just after asking for help. Even though the catalogs are in the correct place, Retrospect needs to be pointed to them. This is done by going to "Media Sets", selecting the backup set to be restored, and clicking the "Locate" button. Retrospect will display a selection window where the catalog file needs to be selected. The answer was in the knowledgebase here: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/moving-retrospect-from-one-macintosh-backup-computer-to-another-macintosh-backup-computer
  8. Long story short: My primary hard drive failed. The good news: I have it backed up using Retrospect. The bad news: I can't seem to get it restored. As part of my backup routine, I have my primary drive cloned to a second drive. The goal is to make it easy to do a restore in exactly this time of eventuality. That cloning includes copying up the catalogs to the backup drive. This means that I am now running from that backup, and trying to restore my primary drive. However, even though the catalogs are on the current startup drive in the right location, Retrospect 10.5 (current version) is displaying a blank list in the "Restore From" page. Plus the "More Backups…" button is disabled. How do I get Retrospect to use the available catalogs? ETA: I'm running Mac OS 10.6.8.
  9. Thank you, David. I contacted tech support and installed the new build. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the error. I've notified tech support.
  10. Retrospect also sends emails if a client backup fails (one for each client) and if it needs media.
  11. Thanks Charles. I tried that but didn't get anything useful. The log for last night's backup shows only "E-mail notification failed: error -597 ( mail server not found)" and the operations_log.utx doesn't show any entries more recent than 2000. My mail server entry is in the form machine.domain.net:port. Could it be that Retrospect is choking on the (required by host) port? Everything about this screams Bug! I am very annoyed that this has not been fixed by the 10.2 upgrade.
  12. Thank you, Robin. The option to allow client privacy was already on. Scillon's suggestion fixed the problem, but not immediately. The first backup after editing the file still exhibited the problem. But after restarting the client computer the privacy setting was finally recognized.
  13. Thank you both for your reponses. Lennart, the client does not allow typing path names. Scillon, the RETCLIENT.DAT was not within the Documents and Settings folder. I eventually found in it C:\Windows\. This may have changed for client 8.1. I made the change and tonight's backup should let me know if it fixes the problem. Thanks again.
  14. I'm running Retrospect 10.1.1 (221). Microsoft Entourage (2008) is showing the Sent date as 7/30/18 12:00 AM. The date field in the actual email shows "Date: 6/15/13". Something is definitely funky.
  15. I am also seeing this problem, ironic since changes to email at my old ISP were the impetus to upgrade from R8. I did receive one status email from the most recent backup. All the rest failed. Is it possible that the timeout on contacting the server has been set too short? My ISP requires an SSL connection for sending email.
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