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I'm trying to have Retrospect back up a Windows 2000 server to an FTP site. Is this possible?

GGG, if you have the networking infrastructure tools in place, you could open a VPN tunnel to the site and back up through the tunnel. Or, if you are trying to ensure offsite backup, you could back up to a local disk and, when the backup completes, FTP the backup and catalog to the remote site.



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Unfortunately, I do not have a VPN tunnel to my FTP server and do not have enough disk space on the server to make a local copy.


However, I have been copying to another workstation and will set up an FTP session from there. Thanks for the suggestion!


EMC: Since the Mac version has FTP capabilities, how long will it be to add FTP to the Windows version?


EMC: I also signed up for MozyPro, but it chokes on open files under Windows 2000 server. It would be good if Retrospect could use the MozyPro credentials to log into the Mozy servers and back up files directly.

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