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Retrospect does not see Airport Express disk - how to fix?

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I have an Apple Airport Express with an attached hard disk that is used for both Time Capsule backup and as a file server. I want to use it as a place to put file based retrospect backup sets.


I can not get retrospect to see it. It shows up in the finder and is visible to normal Mac applications.


I am running Retrospect 8.1.148 and OS X 10.5.7. Can someone provide some help? I have tried using the "Add Share" option and using the "afp://xxxx/" and "smb://xxxx/" options and I get a -530 error.



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That worked. Just to clarify because the various names are confusing, I did the following:




The actual name of shared disk as it shows up in the finder is not needed - instead one wants a top level folder which is one level down.



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