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  1. Is there any news on whether Retrospect (both server and client sides) is compatible with the new OS Lion (10.7.5) and Mountain Lion (10.8.2) releases? Thanks
  2. That worked. Just to clarify because the various names are confusing, I did the following: smb://ip-address-of-router/top-level-folder-name/ The actual name of shared disk as it shows up in the finder is not needed - instead one wants a top level folder which is one level down. Thanks.
  3. I have an Apple Airport Express with an attached hard disk that is used for both Time Capsule backup and as a file server. I want to use it as a place to put file based retrospect backup sets. I can not get retrospect to see it. It shows up in the finder and is visible to normal Mac applications. I am running Retrospect 8.1.148 and OS X 10.5.7. Can someone provide some help? I have tried using the "Add Share" option and using the "afp://xxxx/" and "smb://xxxx/" options and I get a -530 error. Thanks
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