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PPC spec for v8

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Folks, a quick question


I currently have a Duel 2.3 PowerPC G5 Xserve with 2GB ram (and OSX server 10.3.9) installed alongside Retrospect 6.1.230 as my backup server.


If i upgrade my Xserve to OSX Leopard, will i be able to install and run Retrospect 8.1.48 on my PPC xserve?


My concern stems from having read the Post: PowerPC user tips '' Retrospect 8.1.148 includes support for the engine and console running on Power PC.''


although when i shift over to the Retrospect 8.1.148 Read Me //


EMC Retrospect 8.1 system requirements

Retrospect 8.1 console (manages the engine)

Intel or Power PC G4 or G5 processor

Mac OS X 10.5.5 or later

At least 1 GB RAM

50 MB hard disk space

The Retrospect console need not be installed on the same Mac as the Retrospect engine.


Retrospect 8.1 engine (performs backups and restores)

--Recommended configuration--

Intel Core Duo or better processor

Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later

At least 2 GB RAM

10-15 GB of hard disk space for each concurrent activity (backup, restore, etc.)

Storage for backups



Could someone out there point me in the right direction?



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