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8.1 Proactive Backup

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I have just updated to the new version and am trying to implement a proactive backup.


I have the engine backing up 1 client, to a disk. The schedule is set to M-F from 7:30AM-5:00PM.


However, The status of the script is "Script Not Active"

Any Suggestions?


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Customer schedules in proactive backup scripts may not work as expected due to an open bug.


In 8.0 custom schedules always run 24/7. In 8.1 custom schedules may not start so you will probably want to configure them to always run until we can fix this bug.

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I'm trying to work out what a proactive backup is, as opposed to a normal one. Is it the equivalent of the option in v6 that polls the network for (for example) laptops that might not be on the network all the time, and backs them up as soon as it finds them on the network?


If not, what is it, and is that feature replicated in v8?

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In Retrospect 6, you can set up a "Backup Server" script -- this can be set to run 24x7 -- so it will continue to poll for clients and back them up when it sees them on-line (ie, for laptops.)


In Retrospect 8, this is called "Proactive Backup" -- same concept, different terminology.


It's what I use 100% of the time here (as the majority of my clients are laptop users) to do my daily backups.

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