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  1. SChaput

    Individual File Size

    Hello - I am currently using Retrospect 9.5 on Windows 2012 R2 with drives formatted as NTFS. I am just curious if there is a limit on individual filesize that I am able to backup using my current system. For instance, could there be any issues backing up one single file that is 10GB or greater? Thanks!
  2. SChaput

    Retrospect 8 Client Inconsistencies

    I have been able to duplicate the issue using the client 8.2.0 and client 8.0. Both using the server version 8.0. Glad i'm not alone in this issue.
  3. Good Morning, I have started exploring the enhanced Client application included in Retrospect 8. The on demand backup and restore procedures are just what I have been looking for. However, some items seem to be acting strange. For instance, if on a client machine I ask to perform an on demand backup, it prompts me for a folder to backup, and after selecting the backup is requested and a few minutes later I see it begin and end on the server. The client software never updates the "History" tab. It updates the "Last Completed Backup" date, but I never see any items in the History tab. In addition, attempting to perform an "On Demand Restore" throws the error, "No backups Completed". I also tried to initiate the backup on the server, to attempt to see a listing in the "History" tab, but to no avail. After running the backup on the server the ability to "Restore on demand" is still not working as expected, "No Backups completed". Is there something I need to do to get the History Tab, and On Demand Restore working effectively? Hope I explained myself thoroughly. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  4. I was hoping to find some guidance for my retrospect backups. Currently, i have scripts that backups ≈ 90 clients to two individual media sets (disks), 'A' and 'B', one every other day or so. My goal is to, on Saturday copy media set A to an Exabyte Tape Library. This is where the confusion occurs...I have created a media set titled, 'Tape Media Set A'. On the bottom pane, under 'bindings' i have the tape drive selected, but i'm curious about the 'members' tab. Do i need to put something there? When i click plus it brings up my tape drive information, do i add that as a member? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Is there a way in Retrospect 8.1 to sort my list of sources by the smart tags i have created? For instance, i would like to make a report that shows me only laptops, or only desktops etc. Thanks.
  6. The client that is on most users computer is windows 7.6.107. My management console is running 8.1.150. The message that people are receiving is, "Your computer has not been backed up in __ days, please contact your system administrator"
  7. Thanks, I'm able to navigate to that file, however i can't find anything that has to do with %s. using the find feature, any other advice? Thanks.
  8. Just a quick question, as of now, running 8.1 is there a way to alter the message that is displayed to users when they have not been backed up in X amount of days? I believe now it says something to the effect of "You have not been backed up in _ days, please contact your system administrator"
  9. SChaput

    Computer Usage

    I noticed retrospect running very slowly latley so i checked out my activity monitor, heres what retrospect is doing. CPU: 100.1% #Threads: 21 Real Memory: 125.81MB Virtual Memory 1.05GB Is this normal?
  10. SChaput

    Accessing Backup

    Could my matching be taking an extra long time because at the same time im copying the same media set to a tape?
  11. SChaput

    Accessing Backup

    MAC OSX 10.5.7 2x3 Ghz QuadCore Intel Xeon 8 GB Ram. 211GB free on the startup disk.
  12. SChaput

    Accessing Backup

    Capacity: 4610 GB Used: 934 GB Free: 3675 Backups: 818 Files: 1,833,280 ------- Would rebuilding the catalog maybe speed things up?
  13. SChaput

    Accessing Backup

    Under past backups, i click Browse. A new dialog opens up with a window that says "Accessing Backup" I then sit and wait for that screen for 35 minutes.
  14. I have been trying to access a past backup for about the last 30 minutes. This is the third time ive tried, i have restarted the engine, rebooted the machine, and all no luck. Is there a way to check if its really still accessing or if it's never going to access. I did notice that when retrospect backed up this particular folder it took a long time to "match" to my raid. Could this be whats taking so long.
  15. I have a client using MAC OSX's built in firewall on his machine, and it doesn't seem to work well with Retrospect. He has set it to allow all incoming connections from the client and the status on the client is "ready". I have tried to remove, and re-add his computer to my sources and still no luck. I was curious as to what ports retrospect uses to access a clients computer. Maybe we will be able to allow some sort of work around on the command line. Thanks for the help.