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Can I backup an x64 Redhat Machine to Mac Retrospect 6.1?


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The title says it all. I have an x64 RHEL client that I would like to back up to my mac retrospect server. I installed the redhat client, but got several swing errors in the gui, and errors occur when I try to hit 'apply' or 'ok'. Is there a process to set up the client without the gui? Or will it simply not work at all?

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I see that x64 isn't suppored in Mac 6.1, but I'm unclear about 8.0. It says:


Red Hat 7.3, 8.0, 9.0 on x86 hardware. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 WS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 WS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ES on x86 and x64 hardware. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


My x64 linux client is running RHEL 5, but this information doesn't specify which hardware types are supported for RHEL 5. If x64 is supported, it may sway us to upgrade. Thanks.


edit: According to http://www.retrospect.com/products/software/retroformac/systemrequirements/ it looks like x86 is still required for linux clients. That is unfortunate since I believe the number of x64 servers out there are dwindling given the memory limits.

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