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Restore HP backup failed


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I replaced a failed hard drive on my HP Pavilion.


I reinstalled windows Vista 32 via the HP recovery disks.


I installed Retrospect and did a full system restore.


After Retrospect finished I rebooted my computer and I get a window that says:


"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix problem:


1. insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.

2.Choose your language settings, and then click next.

3.Click: Repair your computer.



Status: 0x000000e


Info: The selected entry could not be loaded becaluse the application is missing or corrupt."


Does anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong?


In preparing for the full Retrospect restore should I have excluded some Windows system files?


Any help would be appreciated

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My backup was made with Windows Vista 32 with SP1


My recovery reinstall was made with Windows Vista 32 with SP1


Windows Update installed 49 updates.


I installed Retrospect Version 7.6.111 with Driver Update and Hotfix


I did a full system restore that follows the article you cited.


I get the error window as shown in my original post.


What else can I try?



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I am very disappointed that I am unable to perform a full restore of my operating system and files.


I have been faithfully backing up my computer every night in case of a disaster. It happened, my hard drive failed and Retrospect is unable to perform a full restore to my new drive.


At least I was able to get my data files, but it is a big job reinstalling all my programs and reestablishing the preferences. :taptap:

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I've also recently experienced the same with my first time I've ever had to restore a Vista system from scratch. I'm using Retrospect 7.6.123 on Vista 64 SP1.


I was able to get it to boot by using the recovery disks, and doing a "repair". However, a number of services and apps fail when starting.


I've done a full restore before on XP, and was looking forward to a no-problem experience on Vista, but I guess that isn't to be.


One thing is that I'm restoring over the top of a vendor's "factory image" since I don't have an option to install a bare-bones Vista. It has a copy of Norton IS on it, though I thought it was inactive. But the next time (once I get the new drive... this was a bit of a test drive) I'll try removing that first.


Any other ideas?

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