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  1. johnwmreed

    error -1116

    Where is the config77.dat file located? I can not find it.
  2. johnwmreed

    error -1116

    I read page 19 and created a Local Account with Administrative privileges. This didn't help the problem - Retrospect script doesn't backup unless Retrospect is running. I notice when I shut down Retrospect the Exit box comes up, but at the same time the Activity monitor has this option at the bottom: "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" that gets automatically checked. In other words I can not shut down Retrospect with out this box being checked. Could this be the problem?
  3. johnwmreed

    error -1116

    Well, I looked at the guide - 642 pages. I went to: Preferences -> Execution -> Security and checked the box "Always Run Retrospect as the Specific User. I filled in the boxes: User, Password, and Log onto. Now the backup will not run unless I leave Retrospect open all the time. Is there another box to check, so I can turn Retrospect off and have the backups run automatically?
  4. johnwmreed

    error -1116

    Retrospect is shut down, so I must be using the Launcher Service. If I run the backup from the Main application it works fine.
  5. johnwmreed

    error -1116

    My automatic backups stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10 and also upgraded to Retrospect 11. I keep getting the message in the operations log (errors -1116 and -1101). See attached file. I can running the backup manually, but not automatically at a set time. I would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.
  6. Background: Windows 7 Pro Free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Couple of months pass Computer crashes and I can't reboot I have a Retrospect Backup When I try to restore my backup, all goes well but when I try to boot I get "Inaccessible Boot Device" I can reinstall Windows 10 Pro and the computer boots just fine, but if I do a Retrospect restore I get: "Inaccessible Boot Device. I have tried it directly from a rescue disk - same thing. Note: I also have an image backup (Macrium Reflect). Same thing I get: "Inaccessible Boot Device" I would appreciate any suggestions.
  7. johnwmreed

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    I got Version 10 build 213, and there is no SSL authentication checkbox on my Email Preferences - must not have made it into the upgrade.
  8. johnwmreed

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    OK, every once in a while a blind pig finds an acorn. I tried port 465 (smtp.comcast.net:465) and it works. Go figure!?!??
  9. johnwmreed

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    I have had this same problem forever (many versions). I have tried everything, and nothing works. What is the magic secret to get email notification to work?
  10. I am in the process of restoring all files from a NAS drive to my computer. I have 2 new hard drives in a RAID1 configuration. The restore process is interrupted by a "trouble reading" error -116 "volume doesn't exist." It happens about every 20 to 60 minutes. This is not fatal, but is a nuisance - I have to start the process again. I never have had any problem backing up. Is there a setting somewhere to prevent this problem?
  11. johnwmreed

    Disaster Recovery Drivers

    Thanks David. By brute force I loaded the Recovery Disc and it did find my drivers. All is well and good (at least until my computer crashes!).
  12. johnwmreed

    Disaster Recovery Drivers II

    Let me approach the problem of drivers and the Disaster Recovery Disc from a different angle: When you load the NAS driver in the Retrospect 8.0/drsupp/drivers directory before you burn the Disaster Recovery Disc and it is the "correct" NAS driver *.inf file does this mean that when you boot the Disaster Recovery Disc the NAS driver is loaded automatically? Or, does it mean that the driver is located somewhere on the Disaster Recovery Disc and the user has to manually load the driver during the recovery process? If this is the correct answer where is the NAS driver *.inf file located on the Disaster Recovery Disc?
  13. johnwmreed

    Disaster Recovery Drivers

    Two questions: 1. The directories created by the disaster Recover Disc process are: BOOT EFI SOURCES and these have subdirectories. Where in these directories are the driver files? 1. When you start the recovery process you have to load the NAS driver. So I need to know where it is located, right?
  14. johnwmreed

    Disaster Recovery Drivers

    In Creating a Retrospect Emergency Recovery Disc the Windows Retrospect 8 User's Guide Addendum says: Before you create an Backup Recovery ISO image, make sure you have the following items: Any drivers or packages (i.e. package.cab) that you would like to add to the ISO image should be placed in the following directory before creating the ISO image. <retrospect application>/drsupp/drivers Ok, I placed a copy of my ethernet driver directory as a subdirectory in my Retrospect 8.0/drsupp/drivers directory, created the recovery iso file and burned it to a DVD. But when I do a trial run of the the Disaster Recovery I can't find the drivers. So where are the drivers hiding? Or, am I placing them in the wrong place?
  15. johnwmreed

    Error messages when load drivers for emergency recovery

    It has been 2 years now, and I still have not solved my problem (see initial post above). Still, if I try to do a trial recovery with my Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD I can't install the NAS drivers - I get the same error messages (see initial post above). What has changed is I have started independent Windows generated image backups of my two computers onto the same NAS drive. I have no problem using the Windows System Repair Discs to recover the image backups. This involves also installing the NAS drivers. It works! No problems. This says that I have the right drivers and the Windows System Repair Disc for each computer (one 32bit and the other 64bit) can recognize them and install them. I am using the same driver directories on my USB drive for both image and Retrospect recoveries. So why can't I do the same thing with my Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD?