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How do we create run documents for our scripts in Retrospect 8? We used this feature extensively in Retrospect 6, and now it is completely gone in this rushed-to-market release which also has about a thousand bugs in it. For example, we can't even select more than 4 clients as script sources without the whole Retrospect interface freezing and we have to quit/relaunch it again. And that's one of the lesser annoying bugs.

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Run documents are not currently in Retrospect 8. That is going to be added for sure.


I can understand your frustration with the problems you have reported. The more detail you can provide us, the quicker we can review and fix bugs. Internally I am already seeing new versions that have doubled the speed of client backup found in the 8.0 release.


We have several Mac updates planned for this year, with the first one coming in just a few short weeks. That's quite different from how things have been done in the past, with one release and then nothing for a year or more. I believe that Retrospect 8.0's most important new feature is our renewed commitment to the Mac community.


Stick with us, or at least keep watching, and I think you’ll be pleased over time. That’s what we’re working towards.


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