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  1. Well, the nightmares continue with Retrospect 8. Now, for problem #23556 with Retrospect 8, Retrospect 8 refuses to backup one of our clients regularly, so I tried removing the source from the client list, and it WON'T REMOVE IT! I tried to remove the subvolume from the source (whatever subvolumes are called in Retrospect 8), and nothing happens. I tried removing the name of the client, and nothing happens. I tried removing the name of the hard drive underneath the client name, and nothing happens. The client has an icon of a pencil with a line through it, and down below, I can see that it thinks that the client is "busy". But it NOT busy. It is not in use by Retrospect at all... there are NO BACKUPS GOING ON RIGHT NOW! I tried re-adding the client, and the client doesn't even appear in the "multicast" list. Everyone is using the latest version of everything -- the main machine is running the latest version of Retrospect 8, and the client machine is running the latest client version of Retrospect 6. I just updated them last week to try to solve this VERY SAME PROBLEM. The problem still isn't fixed. What is going on here? We never had even a SINGLE DAY OF PROBLEMS with Retrospect 6, yet Retrospect 8 is such a horrible product that it is clearly designed by somebody who doesn't know the first thing about programming. My 10-year-old nephew could program something better than this POS. And whoever's idea it was to ditch the simple interface of Retrospect 6 for this monstrosity of a torture chamber (Really?!? Everything in ONE WINDOW? Really?!?! How in the hell does THAT make things easier or make any sense??) should be fired. We are now looking for alternative enterprise backup solutions for an all-Mac network. If anybody has any great ideas, I would love to hear them. Retrospect, you have lost our business FOREVER.
  2. Hi there, I have most of my businesses that I work with running Retrospect 6 (with Retrospect 6 Clients on all the Macs on their network). I've noticed that if Retrospect 6 is trying to backup a laptop client over the network, and then of a sudden that laptop is removed from the network or put to sleep while in the middle of being backed up, then Retrospect 6 on the server machine will hang indefinitely. Retrospect 6 on the server machine will just keep trying to backup that particular laptop client, even if its attempts go on for days & days & days. I just stopped a Retrospect 6 backup script that was running for 4 days, trying unsuccessfully to finish backing up a laptop that was put to sleep by the user 4 days ago and was removed from the network by the user 4 days ago. So Retrospect 6 basically missed the last 4 days of regular backups, while it was trying to finish backing up a laptop that no longer exists on the network from 4 days ago. All of this leads me to my question: Is Retrospect 8 smarter in these regards? In other words, if Retrospect 8 is in the middle of backing up a laptop that is removed from the network, will Retrospect 8 eventually give up and move onto the next client that needs to be backed up? Thanks, Scott
  3. Thanks for your message. Yes, it seems that if we restart all of them in one day, then they all work that night. Does that mean that we need to restart these computers every single day, just to get Retrospect 8 to work properly? Also, it seems like only 5 of our 10 computers experience this problem. The other 5 are totally okay. But all 10 are on the same exact switch.
  4. Thanks so much for this link, Robin. This is a very informative article. However, we never received error 519's before upgrading to Retrospect 8, and then they started happening daily. So this seems to be some sort of a Retrospect 8 issue. Nonetheless, I will still check the different parts of our network to see if I can find any problems with our network. Thanks.
  5. Hello there, We have Retrospect 8.0.736 running on an Intel iMac machine running Mac OS X 10.5.7, and we have 10 client machines (all Intel iMacs running Mac OS X 10.5.7) running Retrospect Client 6.3.019. Every single night at 10pm, Retrospect 8 on the server tries to backup all 10 clients machines onto an external hard drive. Every single night, ONE of the 10 client machines fails with an error 519 message (network communication error). If we restart that client machine the following morning, then it is totally fine for that night's backup. BUT THEN -- the error 519 message MOVES ONTO a different machine for that night! So, in other words, every single day, A DIFFERENT MACHINE ON THE NETWORK isn't backed up due to an error 519 message! The error 519 message floats from machine to machine, and when we restart the machine that has the error 519 message, it's okay for a while until Retrospect thinks that it is that machine's turn for the error 519 machine. Here's a visual way of looking at it: NIGHT 1-- Client computer 1 has an error 519. We restart client computer 1, and it's fine on night 2. NIGHT 2 -- Client computer 2 has an error 519. We restart client computer 2, and it's fine on night 3. NIGHT 3 -- Client computer 3 has an error 519. We restart client computer 3, and it's fine on night 4. NIGHT 4 -- Client computer 4 has an error 519. We restart client computer 4, and it's fine on night 5. NIGHT 5 -- Client computer 5 has an error 519. We restart client computer 5, and it's fine on night 6. etc. etc. etc. etc. Can anybody please help by shedding some guidance on this? There seems to be a bug in either Retrospect 8 on the server, or Retrospect Client 6 on the client computers that is causing this problem. Thanks, Scott
  6. Oh, I see... that makes sense. I shouldn't have set this up as a "disk" media set, I should've set this up as a "file" media set. That was my mistake. That's what I'll have to do to fix this. Thanks!
  7. It's possible, but that isn't how the old Retrospect worked and that isn't how the new Retrospect should work. If there's more space available on the disk, the catalog should fill to expand the available disk space. That's how it's always been and that's how it should always be. It shouldn't just look at the currently-available disk space and say "Oh, okay, that's the most space I will ever have to fill this disk." The Retrospect 8 engineers just didn't think this one through, and they reversed perfectly-working behavior from the past.
  8. This is a local hard drive attached via FireWire 400. Thank you so much, Steve. I should've waited for your reply so I could try that out, but in the last few minutes, I just completely erased the external hard drive and started from scratch again. I believe that this hard drive was already completely erased and empty before using it as a media set for Retrospect 8, so I don't think it only had 22 GB of free space when we first started using it. However, next time this happens -- if it does -- I will go through the steps that you outlined here. As you said, this is far from intuitive, but I appreciate you giving me these steps to try. Somebody at Retrospect really has to be looking into these problems. The old Retrospect 6.1 never gave any of these problems. I'm starting to wonder why they even abandoned Retrospect 6. So far, I haven't experienced even one single improvement in Retrospect 8... the whole thing has been one big headache and nightmare. Retrospect 6 worked just fine for years. There was no need for any of this reworking.
  9. Here's the problem, I just noticed: Retrospect 8 thinks that there is only 22 GB of space on this external hard drive, WHICH IS NOT TRUE. It says: "Used 22 GB, Free 0 GB, Capacity 22 GB". It says this in Retrospect's "Media Sets" window. What the !@#$%?? This is not true!! This is a hard drive with 80 GB of free space on it. This hard drive has NOTHING ON IT except the Retrospect backups. I'm looking at it in the Finder, and there's PLENTY OF SPACE on it. Why is Retrospect 8 the worst piece of software in the history of software?
  10. Time and time again with Retrospect 8 -- yes, even with last week's newest update -- we keep getting the error "waiting for media" whenever we try to manually run a backup to an external hard drive. Oh, it runs for a few days okay, then it decides that it doesn't want to work anymore. The media is right there, ready & accessible! Can somebody please tell me why Retrospect 8 is giving this erroneous error messages? There is PLENTY OF ROOM available on this external hard drive -- there's something like 80 GB of space available on the external hard drive, and only a few GB of stuff has changed on our home folder (which is what is being backed up). Even if the WHOLE home folder was being backed up, the entire home folder is only 21 GB. We could fit 4 home folders onto this external drive. But Retrospect 8 keeps INSISTING that it is "waiting for media". even though it is right there. WHY!?! Retrospect 6 gave us no problems for years, and now, NOTHING works in Retrospect 8. This is the worst product upgrade in the history of Mac software. Can somebody please help? We paid good money for this product, which is a bad product.
  11. Yes, that's what I'm referring to when I say the world "Log". I'm referring to the operations log at command-L. The Operations Log at command-L shows NOTHING for that particular day when it stopped in the middle of a backup. The log shows entries for the day preceding and the day following the failed backup, but NOTHING -- not even a starting time -- for the day in question. (Note that the only reason we had a successful backup the following day is because we restarted the computer.) Yes, it backed up "the first 4 in alphabetical order", which is the ONLY WAY that Retrospect 8 allows us to backup our clients. This is totally annoying, since "Intern" is our least important computer but it is the first alphabetically in the list, and "Server" is our most important computer but it is last in the list. (Totally unacceptable for a professional backup product, but that's a completely different story.) I don't know where I am supposed to look in the Console log. I launched Console, and clicked on "Console Messages" in the left margin. These are the Retrospect messages that appeared there on the night in question: 5/4/09 11:00:00 PM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.retrospect.RetroEngine[51]) Exited with exit code: 255 5/4/09 11:00:01 PM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[71544] #3> DLLoadLib: no id resource in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/libretrores.dylib", skipDyloCheck 0x1 5/4/09 11:00:01 PM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[71544] #2> 5/4/09 11:00:01 PM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[71544] Command line is /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetroEngine 5/4/09 11:00:04 PM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[71544] #2> SMTP: opening addr It says something about SMTP, but no emails were ever sent. Is there somewhere else in Console that I am supposed to be looking for these types of error messages? As I mentioned above, I restarted the Mac and it looks like the subsequent night's backup was okay. Thanks, Scott
  12. We're running the latest version of Retrospect 8 (8.0.608.1) on an Intel iMac (2.4 GHZ Core 2 Duo iMac running Mac OS X 10.5.6), and it's been running its nightly backup script at 10pm just fine for the last 14 days. Bu t then, all of a sudden, yesterday it looks like it started its 10pm backup -- but it only backed up 4 of the 7 clients and then decided to stop. BUT HERE'S THE TWIST: Retrospect has NO error reports on this, NO log entries at all on this strange behavior, NO email sent to us about an incomplete execution. In fact, the ONLY place where we can even see that this happened is by clicking on the "Past Backups" screen, and then lo and behold, we see 4 of the 7 clients listed there, showing that their backups started successfully. I can only assume that those 4 out of 7 clients finished their backups successfully, because RETROSPECT HAS NO OTHER INDICATION that it even kicked in at 10pm last night. THE LOG DOES NOT SHOW ANY ENTIRES AT ALL FOR YESTERDAY'S BACKUP!! THE LOG DOESN'T EVEN SHOW THAT THE BACKUP STARTED AT 10PM. (It does however show the night before.) The ONLY indication that a backup was even partially attempted is in the "Past Backups" screen. There are NO OTHER SCREENS OR WINDOWS in the entire Retrospect application that even give an indication that a backup even started last night at 10pm. I have clicked on every single screen in the entire Retrospect interface.
  13. No Retrospect Beta. Just the release version of Retrospect 8. We've installed the latest Retrospect update on the server machine now, and it seems to be okay for now.
  14. Yes, a wired Ethernet connection. Airport is, and has always been, completely turned off altogether on this machine.
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