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Clock Synch problem


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This might be a bug or it maybe a carbon error on my part, but whatever clients I've got checked to synch for the clock are getting set to 4 hours from the correct time.


I've checked the Time Zone settings on both ends and they are set for Boston (aka Eastern).


Forcing a time server update brings the affected system into synch with the proper time, but something obviously happening with the time synch to make it wonky.


I've not had this problem with 6.1.


Suggestions as to where to go with troubleshooting this?






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I have seen this and already reported the bug. Retrospect is using a new method to track time to reduce the time translation issues with DST. This is clearly a bug.




Got a follow-on to this: I turned off clock synch in the script and I'm still seeing the clock synch happening.


In all my scripts where I had enabled it initially but later disabled it the synch still occurs.


Also, can we have a defined save in the script like in 6? I'm having issues where the script options are either not being saved or reset rather randomly as I move from tab to tab.






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