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  1. Max, I don't think you're missing anything wrt DAT 320 speeds. I'd like to go to LTO or another high-capacity format, but haven't found one that works with Firewire or USB; the capacity is the attraction there-I'd like to have my initial server backups fit onto a few tapes as possible. Last year I took offsite (aka home) 14 or 15 VXA 320 tapes for my file server. I had about 12 tapes for the mail server. I was getting about 180-200 gigs on each tape. While the native capacity of DAT320 is about the same, I'm hoping for better compression. Personally, I'd like to figure out a way to do a D2D2D(offsite) scheme. About the only way to do that would be through SSH as I don't think the old FTP route would be fast enough-same's true for AFP. Earlier this year, I tried to mount a volume on my home server on the office machine through SSH, using ExpanDrive, but couldn't get Retro 8 to recognize it. Cheers, Jon
  2. Max, I'm in a similar situation with Tandberg offing VXA. I was looking forward to keeping my VXA stuff running, but looks like it isn't to be. I've been looking at DAT 320 as an option. It has 160 GB native capacity. You can get USB connected drives (no FW, unfortunately) from a few different sources like HP or Tandberg (rebadging the HP drive). SAS is also an option for the DAT 320, but not for me as I'm currently using a 2009 vintage Mac Mini as my backup server. The DAT/DDS roadmap has ~300gb native drives arriving 2-3 years after the retail intro of DAT 320; we'll see if that happens. Cheers, Jon
  3. I've mounted on my backup server an SSH file system volume which I would like to use for a destination, but it doesn't show in the GUI. I've mounted it using ExpanDrive and it does appear on the desktop. It isn't a server sharepoint (at least in the regular sense) so I can't use AFP or SMB URLs from within the GUI to "mount" it. I've attached a Finder Get Info window so you can see how it gets treated there. I can read & write to the volume without any trouble. If you have a suggestion about how I can get Retrospect to see the volume, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Cheers, Jon
  4. Russ, Thanks for the hint, but I'm not port blocking anything on our internal private network. I'll have to double-check which network (public or private) to which I'm connecting at work-could be the solution. Thanks. Cheers, Jon
  5. When I tried the connection at home, it was very quick, so it's not a firewall issue on the server side. Another mystery looking for a solution. Since it works remotely, I'm less concerned that it doesn't work in the office as I'm likely to manage from my laptop or another desktop when there. Cheers, Jon
  6. Entered the host name for my engine Mac and the status screen just reads "Connecting..." This is over WiFi on the local network. I'll try 3G and access from my home network later tonight. I can use the "Net Utility" app to ping by name, so the address should be resolved correctly by the iPhone IP stack. The server is a Mac Mini running nothing but the engine (8.1.626). How long *should* it take to connect? Thanks. Cheers, Jon
  7. Is anyone using Retro 8 for a WAN backup of servers? I'd like to setup a copy of Retro 8 off-site and backup my servers to the disks/tape that live there. I've been experimenting with v6 and it might take an hour (or more) to scan the source (~500 GB of file server data). Is there a better way? Should I run with a local catalog and remote data storage (via SFTP)? I'm open to ideas. Thanks. Cheers, Jon
  8. Mac Mini (2009) 4GB RAM Mac OS X 10.5.8 Retro 6.1.230 w/RDU I'm trying to define subvolumes (Configure-Volumes-Subvolume) on a local disk and when I click on the Subvolume button after highlighting the local disk, Retro crashes. I've attached the crash log to see if anyone has an idea why this is happening. IIRC, under 10.5.7 I didn't have any trouble defining subvolumes, but need to add/change a couple now. I could simply create a selector, but that would require that the whole drive be scanned for a backup, rather than the specific folders. As a test, I installed Retro on an iMac (from which this Mini was migrated, i.e. Migration Assistant copied accounts from the iMac to the Mini) and am able to define subvolumes on the iMac which is also running 10.5.8. I've also clean-installed Retro on the Mini (trashed prefs and installed & updated before first launch) and I'm still crashing. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? I know 8 is a likely solution, but that means that I need to convince the checkbook keeper to pay for that. Thanks. Cheers, Jon
  9. Russ, I've got a similar problem on my mail server where the client just is off. The machine is running 24x7 with processor, screen and drives set to never sleep. And regularly, the client just turns off. In my case, the specs are: PowerMac G4 Dual 800 Quicksilver 1.5GB RAM Mac OS X 10.4.11 with all current patches Retro Client 6.1.130 I realize that the client isn't the newest out there, but it was running fine for the longest time (2 years) before starting to shut off without warning. Cheers, Jon
  10. Sounds like you are trying to install from a non-Admin account. The Vise installer engine that the older versions used can have problems with non-Admin accounts, so you need to be logged in as an actual admin account to get the installer to work. Cheers, Jon
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to setup a Copy Backup script that will allow me to rotate three hard disks for destination disk media set(s). Is this possible? It appears that I can only have a single destination media set per copy backup script. Thanks in advance for suggestions and advice. Cheers, Jon
  12. Is there a way in 8 to test the rules we've defined like the "test selector" command in v6 and previous? I'm not seeing it when I'm working on my rule definition. Is there another place that I should be looking? Thanks. Cheers, Jon
  13. Russ, Thanks for the info. I'm using Kerio and I suppose I really should stop, replicate, then backup the replica, however I'm not certain how long that will be an acceptable solution, though I'm thinking about just telling folks to deal with 30 minutes per day at 2AM... Cheers, Jon
  14. Robin, Is a custom report unique to each copy of the console or is the report stored on the engine's system and accessible by all console connections? Thanks. Cheers, Jon
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