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Launch a script when a drive is connected ?

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How it's possible to ask Retrospect to launch a script when a specific drive is connected ? (like Personal Backup or IBMP)






Why not install and use the Retrospect client to perform the same function without having to move a drive from computer to computer?




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We need to place a copy of all the data (from the servers) inside a safe place outside the original site in case of fire or flooding.


I don't understand what you're saying with the Retrospect Client.


Instead of installing a (unique) copy of Retrospect on each system, then moving the drive from computer to computer and running Retrospect on each system, just install one copy of Retrospect and then install the Retrospect client on each of the other systems. The drive is attached to the system with Retrospect "server" installed and that system communicates with each client system to perform the backup.


The drive can be disconnected after a successful backup and taken off-site and a different drive can be connected for the next backup.


The Retrospect client is a small piece of software (compared to the full engine/GUI pair) that allows the Retrospect engine (installed in a central location) to communicate with other systems for backup and restore operations. Every version of Retrospect sold includes the client software, from 2 licenses in the most basic version up to unlimited in Multi-Server.


Check out:


for info on adding clients to Retro 8


You get several advantages:

1. One copy of Retrospect to manage

2. One script and set of rules to update

3. Full scheduling capabilities-backups run without requiring someone to visit each system and interrupt work in progress to perform backups

4. Centralized reporting-you know what happened without having to review multiple logs, etc.

5. Less costly than multiple copies of Retrospect.




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