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Retrospect 8 for Windows

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When you get to it please fix 2 things...


1) when a grooming job can't reach a disk for some reason so often you have to do choices and mark the disk damaged just to cancel the operation. Ugh! otherwise it just hangs.


2) figure out why retrospect insists on backing up files that are identical just because they have been moved to a new disk. The disk should not matter. the files are the same. This is WITH the location does not matter option checked.




--Randy Starkey

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Me too. Nothing more annoying than getting emailed MAC Retrosepct 8 updates when I'm a Windows user..!


Having just read the development post, it's a shame that the existing GUI will be retained as it's one of the worst things about 7.6, but it does contain some new functionality (ESX) that might keep me hanging on until a full blown v8 is released. Hopefully using the new engine will get ride of some of the most frustrating 'features' of 7.6.


I'd be interested to know if this will be a 'free' upgrade or a chargable one?


If it IS chargable then I'll have to look at more advanced alternatives that can do block-level backups, handle multi-instances better and generally not thrash client machines to death whilst scanning and snap-shotting (all for 5mb of data at times).


Where can we find _details_ on the 7.7 release?



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I've been looking at Acronis and it looks good. For us as a full network solution it seems incrediably expensive (i.e. £4000+ for 50 client licenses!). It also seems to be seperate products to provide SQL/Exchange backups.


EMC networker also loks good, but I don't know about costs yet, I'm also becomming a big fan of linux and open source projects, so 'Amanda' also looks useful.


Haven't researched either of these enough to know their limitations though.



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