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  1. Can we use the Retro8/Mac client with a 7.6/Windows server?
  2. Quote: Bump....to find out if EMC is found a solution to this problem. I see that 7.5.370 is still the latest update available, so I guess not. I'm interested in a status update as well. I've held off on installing .370, but sooner or later I'll have to backup Vista clients, Retrospect stability be damned.
  3. To expand a bit on the sparse release notes: Is this update needed for *running* Retrospect on Vista? Is this update needed for backing up Vista *clients*? Thank you, Andrew
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to puzzle a solution to scheduling Retrospect the way I want it. I'm using 7.5 MultiServer on W2K3, backing up to disk. There are three backup sets, each one occupying 100% of a RAID LUN. The LUNs/sets are all the same size. I'd like to backup to only one set during a particular month, then rotate through each set in subsequent months. The rotation would look like this: October: Proactive to BackupSetA November: Proactive to BackupSetB December: Proactive to BackupSetC January: Recycle BackupSetA, Proactive to BackupSetA ...etc. I figured I could have a script for each set, and each script is only active for a month, then sleeps for three. Is this possible? Alternatively, the only thing I can see is to have Proactive always write to one set, then use other scripts to recycle/stage the contents to the other volumes. Comments, thoughts, rants against newbies? Thanks, Andrew
  5. Hi all, I'm doing my very first installation of Retrospect on Windows. I inherited an operational service a while back, but this is my first install. I see in the docs that you need to install as an Administrator-level user. Do you need to *run* as an Administrator user? This MultiServer installation will only be backing up desktops via Retro Client. Thanks, Andrew
  6. From the responses so far, I gather there aren't any inherent issues to running 6.5 on 2000 Server? No "Oh my god, upgrade now!" issues? Thanks!
  7. Quote: 4) You're a Windows guy aren't you. Retrospect was a Mac application Actually, I've been a Mac guy for most of my career, but the last time I used Retrospect was when it was a Mac-only product. I spent a couple years in the middle as a Windows/Novell guy, and these days I'm a generalist who uses OS X buy administers Linux-based servers/services. So, basically, I resent that remark. Quote: back before Macs commonly seperated the service that did the work and the application that handles configuration. They still haven't managed to seperate the part that does the work from the UI. Retrospect can run with no users logged in but it is still the full application running. Got it, thanks. A big THANK YOU to everyone who's chimed in here. And yes, I *am* RingTFM.
  8. Hello all, I'm new here, having recently inherited an operational Multi Server 6.5.350 running on Windows 2000 Server SP4. It's running on a a 2GHz Xeon with 1GB of RAM; each of four backup sets are stored on hardware RAID5 volumes. The server itself is then backed up via EMC Insignia/Legato Networker. I have a bushel of questions rattling around my brain, but first: [1] Is it normal for the Retrospect application's UI to be unresponsive for periods of several minutes? Task Manager shows CPU utilization to be, usually, quite low. This seems to happen, in particular, if I view properties on a set or browse a catalog set. Occasionally even the Windows UI bogs down. [2] Retrospect seems to hover around 20-40MB in RAM, and then occasionally balloon into the several-hundred-MB range. I assume this is par for the course, but what is the reason for this behavior? [3] Is there a way to view the total amount of data backed up for a given client? (i.e., ThisMac has 32GB, ThatWindows has 42GB, etc.) [4] I don't understand the relationship between the retrorun service and the application. The latter is the UI, obviously, but backups don't seem to run until/unless I login to the console and launch the app. Is there a recommended method to have them run automatically and unattended, i.e. as a service? Thank you for indulging what are no doubt newie questions; I'm sure I'll have more. I'm in knowledge download mode... Thank you, Andrew
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