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No media looping on HP D2D


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I'm trying to use HP D2D virtual library in Retrospect server (latest v7.6) with no luck, library and drive shows ok in device list, but when moving cartridge into drive, Retrospect says "Reading.." then next second "No media", and then again "Reading..", and the never ending loop goes on.


Tryed on a clean Retrospect install from scratch, with latest Microsoft iSCSI initiator version - same problem, Removable drive service is stopped, HP D2D virtual library and drive show up ok in windows device manager, also tested in NTBackup - works like a charm, for backup and verify.


Any idea what could possible be wrong ?


Compatibility page shows this device as Qualified.


Here is a link with some debug info: it contains flash video showing the loop, retrospect device debug log during the loop, and screen capture showing HP D2D iSCSI virtual library status.




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If I disable device in Windows Device Manager, Retrospect doesn't see it anymore and says "Not responding".


Retrospect must be using its own drivers via NT Passthrough mechanism, so windows drivers do not really matter, but device itself has to be enabled however.


I tried all 3 possible HP D2D drive emulations, Retrospect sees them as following drives:


  • HP Ultrium Gen 2 DC (1.41)
  • HP Ultrium Gen 3 DC (1.41)
  • HP Ultrium Gen 4 DC (1.41)


Could that be a driver problem for iSCSI situation in Retrospect ?




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Current Retrospect windows server version in updates download page shows as v7.6.123 - this package installs driver version:




(visible in About menu), but this web page about latest versions says that latest windows driver is version is:


Which one is latest then ? :confused2:

If the one included in v7.6.123 package is outdated, where can we find the latest one ? Hoping that this loop issue with HP D2D gets fixed sometime..




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