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Exchange Backup

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This is now happening every 2-3 weeks, and it's causing some major issues as we always have to reboot the server to resolve the error.


Script: Immediate Backup

Client: exchangeserver

Date: 7/21/2008

Trouble reading files, error -3681 (Backup is already active)


What could be causing this to happen again and again?


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What exactly does the operations log say when this happens?


Can you open the backup set from Configure>Backup Sets>Properties?


What type of backup set? Disk, tape, file?


What version of Retrospect?


Does this happen to other backup sets?


Here is the series of events in this case:


First it failed on backing up the D:\ drive on the Exchange Server:


Trouble Reading Files D: Error -557 (transaction already complete)


Next it fails on backing up the First Storage Group with this error:


Trouble reading files, error -519 (network communication failed)


I restarted the Retrospect service and tried doing an immediate backup of the First Storage Group and this is the error I received:


T-9: >>>HrESEBackupSetup -- Backup is already active, Trouble Reading files, error -3681


Typically I don't see the network communication failed error, just the Transaction is already complete error.


Retrospect Server: 7.6.111

Retrospect Client: 7.5.116


We just upgraded to 7.6, but the error was happening frequently before the update also.


The backup set it was backing up to was disk. I'm able to open the properties of the backup set and see the volumes, etc.


Thanks for your help.

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T-9: >>>HrESEBackupSetup -- Backup is already active, Trouble Reading files, error -3681


This error is coming from Exchange. This happens because exchange thinks the backup is still running.


What happens if you backup the storage group without attempting to backup the D: disk? What about the C: disk?

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