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  1. Retrospect 7.6 running on Windows 2003 We're backing up a large CIFS share. The error is "Copying incomplete, error -110 (invalid handle)" Any ideas?
  2. Can anyone list the differences between versions 7.6 and 7.7 of Retrospect for Windows?
  3. Is there a way to backup a mapped drive via Retrospect? The Retrospect server in question doesn't have direct access to the UNC path, so I was hoping to present the mapped drive as an actual drive to Retrospect so it could be backed up. Any ideas if this is possible?
  4. Resolved Enabled logging on Networking and it said Retrospect was trying to connecting on port 2,560 (no idea why). Added :25 to the end of the IP and it was able to send e-mail.
  5. Retrospect Version 7.6.123 Driver Update and hot Fix, version When sending a test e-mail, I receive the following error: "E-mail notification failed: error -541 (backup client not installed or not running) I can telnet to the mail server on port 25 and manually send e-mails, however it fails from Retrospect. Any ideas?
  6. We're not actually using a SQL license to back up data. The database admins have it configured on a schedule to dump backups to the drives, and then we back up the drive with the SQL selector. In this scenario how should we have Retrospect configured?
  7. What are the best practices when backing up a cluster? Currently I have 2 servers in Retrospect, each using the direct IP for the box (not the clustered IP). I have 3 backup sets. Server A will backup drives C & D to Backup Set 1, Server B will backup drives C & D to Backup Set 2, and the cluster currently lives on Server A. I have the clustered drives being backed up to Backup Set C. The issue is that if the cluster fails over, we get missing backups until either a) I update the script to backup the clustered drives on Server B or We fail the cluster back over to Client A. If I try to add a third client using the cluster IP, it simply changes Client A to the clustered IP instead of adding a third client. What is the best way to configure this?
  8. We're getting these errors again. Any ideas?
  9. We just recently added a third storage group in Exchange 2007, however it isn't showing up in the client on Retrospect. How do you scan for a new volume/storage group in Retro 7.6?
  10. Just FYI, the fix (at least so far it's working) was the following: End Retrospect.exe, re-launch it, choose to stop all executions so that proactive backup wouldn't start. I deleted all inactive scripts that were lingering around. I then started proactive backup and they all started running. I have no idea why this issue just now presented itself. Hopefully the fix sticks.
  11. I restored the config75.dat from before the Windows Updates and i'm still seeing the same issue. Also, under "Events" it says "Script Proactive Backup: waiting for media" I'm having the same exact problem that was occuring for this guy: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/27037/tp/2/
  12. Also, the program isn't exiting successfully. I have to end Retrospect.exe to close it. It says "Exiting" and I can click around on the various tab, but it never closes.
  13. I actually addressed the issue and then modified this topic for the other problem we're having, oops Any ideas on the proactive backup problem?
  14. Two days ago we applied Windows updates and rebooted our Retrospect server. Since then only scheduled and immediate backups have been functioning. If I attempt to schedule a proactive backup manually I get an hour glass and nothing ever happens (I've let it sit there for hours). They all say ASAP and never actually start backing up. At the top under the Proactive backup tab, it displays this "Action: Checking Media" Any idea what is going on?
  15. So after a reboot I a backup completed successfully. However on the 2nd backup the same behavior started again. It fails at the end of backing up the first storage group and then in this case was able to back up the second storage group.
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