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Backing Up Over WLAN


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Always backed up using wired connection with no probs but now need to back over wireless - I have one client running XP Pro and a Laptop client running Vista. The backups take an extremely long time, (desktop 11hrs for 22Gb, 16hrs for 40Gb on laptop. OK I know that wireless will be slower but with 802.11g 54Mbps is this the best performance I can expect? Client version is 7.5.116, Retrospect version is 7.5.508

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well you wont be backing up 40gb every night - just for the initial snapshot. Differentials will be much less. How fast is your wired network? Gigabit? 40gigs over 16 hours is actually over 700k/sec which is about all you can expect - maybe a little faster...

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