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Tape drive or set not released

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Windows 2000 Server SP4

Retrospect Multi 7.5.508 hot fix

SpectraLogic 2k firmware 2202 (I requested the latest, 2204)

with Sony SDX-700C AIT-3 drive firmware 0201 (the latest)


I upgraded from 7.0 to 7.5 and after random scripts that write to tape, subsequest tape scripts do not execute. They sit in the waiting tab with Status of 'Waiting for Sony AIT-2 DC' or 'Waiting for Backup Set K'


Scripts that backup to disk run normally.








Anyone else seen this? My next step is to rebuild I guess.

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When I try to open Backup Set K, I get the following error.

"Can't continue using Backup Set K, error -843 (resource is in use by another operation)"


Backup set K was recycled on 5-4-08. I'd hope it didn't get corrupted since then.


Yeah, the only solution is to quit and relaunch it to get it going again. Of course it fails in the middle of the night and that logjams all the scripts.


Thanks for the reply.

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