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ISO image size too big, can't continue


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I recently purchased a MiniMax USB Hard Drive which included Retrospect Express 7.5. This is to backup and use for Disaster Recovery on a Dell Inspiron 5150, XP Home. After the first complete backup I attempted to create a DR CD and every time get the message " ISO image size too big, can't continue". Why is this happening? Supposedly it is only to copy the essential files to reboot and support recovering from the HD.



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Here is a KB article detailing why your DR ISO is too big, http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5989&p=2


If you can not get the size of the ISO file down you can still do a full system restore you would just have to go through a live restore where you install Windows from your installation disc, make sure you have the same service pack installed as the one you have backed up and go through a restore that way.

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Thanks for the KB article, The App folder is 28.8 MB. The config is 1.12 MB. The Drivers is 30.2 MB. The I386 is 518 MB. And the Catalog is 36.8 MB. These and what ever else causes the ISO file to be 662.7 MB.


What are the files that I do not need from the I386 OEM folder? And why does the OEM include so much that is not required? There are far too many to copy and paste here.


I have used a 6.0 version in the past on XP no SP’s with no problems until I installed the SP’s.


How would I get a non OEM Microsoft Windows Installer CD?



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