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  1. Well if you are getting the -557 error on individual mailboxes that is a known issue but the -557 on the Storage Group is not related. If you have open file backup and you are getting -1020 sharing violation errors then you are probably getting a 1017 error when it tries to use open file backup on that drive. Retrospect leverages VSS so if it is failing for a specific drive you can look at the event viewer for that machine for VSS errors. The IIS Metabase is backed up as part of the system state so for some reason the API call that is being made is getting denied access, I would also check the event viewer to see if there is any related errors or warnings.
  2. It will only restore to new folder when restoring to a mailbox, the user will have to move the contents of the restored contacts folder back to the original contacts folder.
  3. There is a known issue on 10.6 machines where when the machine is logged out Retrospect can not access the client. Unfortunately the only work around right now is to have that machine logged in at the time of backups.
  4. What are you getting the -557 error on specifically? Is it a hard drive or maybe a mailbox with Exchange? The 1020 error is coming from Windows itself, the file is open and Retrospect can not back it up. If you do not have open file backup the only thing to do is to make sure that a program that could be using the file is closed, if it is a file the OS is keeping open for some reason then there might not be much you can do. The -1121 error could mean there is file system corruption, if this is a Windows machine I would run a check disk on the drive it is reporting the error for. If this is an Exchange Mailbox go to configure volumes, release and re-add the license for the Exchange server.
  5. This is a known bug that only happens with transfers, it happens when Retrospect goes to span to another tape and has to verify the tape it was writing to. What you can do until this gets fixed is turn off verification and run a verification script later.
  6. Retrospect will only show 1-2 snapshots with grooming disabled but the other snapshots are still there. You just need to click on Add under the snapshots tab when you get properties for the backup set and you will see all the other snapshots.
  7. Even on the Mac side the File backup set is limited to a Terabyte. I have seen where it has gone beyond 1TB but usually Retrospect has a problem with that set at that point. You need to use the disk sets.
  8. You should still be able to use the continuous backup program if you upgrade to 7.7
  9. It will be in C:\Program Data\Retrospect. You can just double click on it and it will open in Retrospect. I would search for I think Windows Vista because that is how it is identifying 2008 and the assert error should be below that.
  10. What is the assert error that you are getting? I have seen where if a user has a lot of rules on a mailbox it caused Retrospect to crash. Could also be there the mailbox is corrupted and is passing bad information to Retrospect which it does not know how to handle.
  11. Unfortunately no though it should continue to function.
  12. You need to go to Configure Volumes and you can right click no the SQL Database container and select licensing. It will ask if you want to apply your available license and then will ask if you want to authenticate with the SA account or a Domain account. After that you should be able to add the SQL Server container or the individual databases to your script.
  13. Since the error is happening for open file backup the insufficient storage space error is mostly likely referring to the C: drive of the machine that it is trying to backup. Retrospect uses the volume shadow copy service within Windows and it by default uses space on the C: drive when creating snapshots.
  14. With the way compression works it tries to compress every file that is being backed up regardless of format. If the format of the file is already heavily compressed you can get negative compression where it makes the file larger and take up more space in the backup. In cases like this it is better to just leave compression off as the program is not smart enough to not compress files that would have negative compression.
  15. Is Retrospect running as a specific user or as the logged in user under Configure Preferences, Execution Security?
  16. The previous issue with Exabyte libraries/drives was limited to the FireWire units only. If you are seeing that with a SCSI device there is a communication issue. I would continue with the SCSI HBA and hardware troubleshooting.
  17. There is not a feature in 7.7 however Continuous backup even though it was sold as an add-on, is a separate program from Retrospect and upgrading to 7.7 will have no effect on the program.
  18. The Continuous backup add on is a separate program all together even though it was sold as an add on. Upgrading to 7.7 will have no effect on Continuous backup.
  19. What is the description of the new license code? Is it a UAC or ASM code by any chance?
  20. Retrospect express HD definitely had some issues in terms of stability and had its fair share of issues. I would download the trial version of 7.7 from www.retrospect.com/try since you can not download and use the 2.5 version of HD(it requires a different license). You want to try the professional version and it will give you 30 days of full functionality. You will have to do a catalog rebuild with 7.7 before going through a restore, if you go to kb.dantz.com and click on the Retrospect 7.X training videos there is a video that will show you how to do that and there are also videos that show you how go through a restore.
  21. With 2008 when Retrospect goes to auto launch Windows puts Retrospect into its own session, the activity monitor should allow you to see what is running. Since you are backing up to a NAS device Retrospect is probably auto launching under an account that doesn't have access to the NAS, go to Configure Preferences, Execution Security and set Retrospect to run as a specified user(the account use you login as). Even though if Retrospect is set to run as the logged in user if it has to auto launch it will be the account called System.
  22. It sounds like you need to go to Configure Clients, forget the 2 previous clients so you can add the clients again.
  23. Again I would check the Mac console log and the retroclient log from the Mac Console app to see if there is any additional information about the failed startup.
  24. If it is having a problem during start up there should be something in the Mac Console logs or even in the retroclient log(in the Mac console logs as well under /private/var/log).
  25. There is an .msi installer that you can push out with SMS or group policy. Page 167 of the user's guide talks about this, you would also use the public private keys so you wouldnt have to setup a password for the client. This only works on Disk to Disk and above.
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