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Express remains in "Updating status..."


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I'm using Retrospect Express HD 2.0 on a Windows XP machine for taking a monthly backup. Until last month everything was fine, but when I tried to make a backup today, Express remains in the status "Updating status..." and that's it.


I use Windows Update to keep my environment up to date and these are the Windows updates installed since the last successful backup (I'm using a Dutch Windows version):

KB944533: Cumulatieve beveiligingsupdate voor Internet Explorer 7 voor Windows XP

KB946026: Beveiligingsupdate voor Windows XP

KB943983: Beveiligingsupdate voor Microsoft Office Word 2003KB943973: Beveiligingsupdate voor Microsoft Works Suite 2005

KB944941: Update voor het filter voor ongewenste e-mail in Outlook 2003

KB946254: Beveiligingsupdate voor Microsoft Office Publisher 2003

KB945185: Beveiligingsupdate voor Office 2003

KB943055: Beveiligingsupdate voor Windows XP

KB890830: Windows-programma voor het verwijderen van schadelijke software - februari 2008

KB946026: Beveiligingsupdate voor Windows XP

KB944533: Cumulatieve beveiligingsupdate voor Internet Explorer 7 voor Windows XP


Anybody any idea what goes wrong?

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The main suggestion here is to "Uninstall "Microsoft.Net Framework" (any version you have installed, also by using the Add/Remove Programs within the Control Panel).

", although no updates on .NET were installed.

Anyway, how do I install .NET versions again?

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What worked for me was:


1: Disable all Antivirus


2: Uninstall Retrospect


3: Delete all references to Retrospect in the registry.


4: Delete the Retrospect directory in the root of the system volume and the Documents and Settings\all users\application data directory (if you install just for a particular user, then this is probably in that user's application data directory). Note that the Application Data directory is a hidden system directory, so you will need to be able to see that, in the explorer view options, to navigate to it.


5: Reboot


6: Reinstall Retrospect.


7: Reenable antivirus.


Reconfigure retrospect.


This is obviously caused by Restore point database corruption followed by an incomplete/broken install/uninstall process. Retrospect needs to fix this. Few, if any, Retrospect Express HD users have the tech savvy to perform these kind of steps.


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