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Exchange backup error (backup is already active)

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Exchange server - Windows 2003 - Retrospect Client version 7.5.116

Retrospect is running on Windows 2003, version 7.5.387, hotfix version


We've never had an issue backing up the Exchange server before. This weekend there was a network communication error, followed by the exchange backup failing. When I try to back it up manually today I receive the following error:

Trouble reading files, error -3681 (Backup is already active


I've restarted the Retrospect server on the client, and restarted the Retrospect application itself, with no luck. Short of rebooting both servers, what can I do to resolve this and why is it happening?

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I've received this error a couple more times since the last time I posted about it. Restarting the Exchange server works, but I get it again a few days later. It seems to be happening after my Storage Group backup runs out of space and can't groom anything out, so I have to stop the script. It really gets annoying for a bunch of people (including myself) when I have to restart the email server one night a week.


I've tried just restarting the Retrospect Client service on Exchange, but that didn't allow it to work. I've also tried closing Retrospect and re-opening it (even though it appears to be a client side error)... still no go.


FYI... my Storage Group is 81GB. I have the backup set size set to 550GB. Groom to remove backups older than 3. With this setup I would think that it would never be able to reach the 550GB with 3 backups @ 81GB a piece.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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