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Cannot 'forget' deleted mailboxes in Retrospect

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I am running Retrospect 7.5.387 SBS, on Windows Server 2k3 SBS. Recently it has become necessary for us to delete some accounts from the Exchange Server. Retrospect doesn't know they're gone, so it keeps looking for them and returning an "error -3405." After reading this forum, it looks like I need to go into Configure -> Volumes in Retrospect, right-clicking each deleted mailbox and selecting the 'forget' option. The problem is, the 'Forget' option is grayed out for the Exchange database and individual mailboxes. What am I doing wrong?

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Thats great news!


Time to get them all updated.


Now does retrospect remove the accounts when deleted in AD or after the mailboxes are purged by the exchange cleanup?


Is there any way for this to work when exchange is installed on a different machine and using retrospect client?

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Why is it taking EMC so long to fix this bug?


When I spoke to tech suport, they actually INSISTED that retrospect DOESNT have this problem and that my installation was corrupted.


Now I am surprised to see that you are acknowledging this as being a bug.


This is also a problem when new users are added to exchange. They dont appear in the mailbox list unless the license is reinstalled.


I actually reported this problem in December of 07.




Also I asked about this problem on the forum here but never received any response.




I pay for my yearly support like everyone else. I'm quite disappointed with it to say the least.

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In July we released Retrospect 7.6 which fixes the problem with deleting of mailboxes if Retrospect is running on the Exchange server. Our engineers ran out of time before the scheduled release and we could not finish working on the issue for client exchange servers. We are continuing to review ways to improve exchange backup for our next release.

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