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  1. I do a lot of backups using retrospect to other servers or NAS drives so they appear as network shares to retrospects. These backup sets are setup as Disks to restrospect. When you use a local disk in retrospect you can setup a media timeout so if the drive is not available the backup will be skipped until the next scheduled execution. With a network share it pops up a logon prompt asking for a user name and password which does not go away. This means you have to manually skip the execution or nothing else will run after a network share has been detected offline. Is there anyway to setup a network share with a media timeout?
  2. It fixes my exchange problems. Doesn't seem to fix the UAC issues and scheduled starts while retrospect application isn't running. One thing at a time!
  3. I have just installed the latest version: 7.7.325 And I can finally backup mailbox's There is still the problem of -1101 errors with folders and files not found. Also the UAC problems so the scheduled starts don't seem to kick off if retrospect isn't left open. But I can actually run backups again!
  4. My mistake, you can backup individual mailbox's , sometimes a couple, but when you do more than a few it seems to quit out unexpectedly. That must of been a fluke backing up all but 1. There is one mailbox in the store that you can never backup though no matter if its by itself or not.
  5. After further testing if you choose each mailbox individually they will backup successfully. I tried 1 on its own and it backed up fine, then selected more than one mailbox together also no problem as long as you don't select the first mailbox in the store. If I select every mailbox in the store it fails however. It runs through the first one then retrospect quits out. If I choose every mailbox in the store except the first one the rest run through ok. You can not backup the first mailbox in the store no matter what. As soon as this is selected the retrospect crashes out towards the end of backing up this mailbox without logging anything. Also when you choose to backup all mailboxs by using the selector Exchange Mailbox's retrospect fails and quits unexpectedly. It seems to resolve all the mailbox's correctly, the backup of the first mailbox seems to run through then it quits without logging anything. I have tried contacting EMC but I have had no response back. I tried to make a dummy account aaaaaa that appears first in the list but it still seems to bomb out at the original 'first' account in the list. Testing continues.....
  6. One thing I have noticed is that when you set security in retrospect to RBU account if you are logged onto the server as a different account and retrospect is open the RBU account does not run the backups if you watch the processes in Task Manager. What ever account is logged into the server runs the backup regardless of the use currently logged in use option. Also if retrospect is closed and started by the laucher it runs as local system instead of RBU and you can not open retrospect in any session it locks the program completely and you can only see the activity monitor.
  7. I can confirm this happens also. I have 2 SBS 2008 boxes installed and have tried the different versions of Retrospect 7.7. When ever I try to do the mailbox backup retrospect quits and shows nothing in the logs. I've tried being logged into the server with RBU account, tried setting the launcher to RBU account, tried setting security in retrospect to RBU account. Nothing seems to work.
  8. It is a well reported problem on these forums. If you close out of retrospect it does not relaunch properly because of problems with the UAC. If you try and set retrospect security to use the RBU account.
  9. Sorry, that was the update I was referring to. If you don't need to backup exchange or have your backups run automated scheduled tasks then retrospect is the product for you! Its really poor that this product doesn't support UAC which has been around for ages and Exchange 2007. I shudder to think what the 2008 R2 and exchange 2010 support will be like.
  10. Another update, I still can't backup properly. Nothing changes.
  11. This update does also not resolve the mailbox backup problems with SBS 2008 and launcher problems with UAC. If these issues are not going to be resolved soon we are going to change products.
  12. So I've rolled back to retrospect 7.6 thinking I could leave it open on the server and suffer that so I have backups but now I have this problem when only the first mailbox is backed up: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/31701/ Also running 7.6 I have this problem where it gets stuck on the open file backup if it is enabled: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/33005/ So am I right in thinking that neither 7.6 or 7.7 can backup and SBS 2008 exchange mailbox? I am suprised this issue is not more widely reported as I can duplicate it everytime on 3 different servers so I assume everyone else has the same problem.
  13. I have retrospect 7.6 installed on a SBS 2008 box and when the backup starts it hangs on: Preparing for open file backup.... The process needs to be killed and usually the server restarted before it will backup again. Is there any solution to this? I can not upgrade to version 7.7 because this will not backup exchange mailbox's.
  14. I have found I can backup the complete exchange store but If I try to do a mailbox backup it gets stuck.
  15. Yes I am using the latest version of 7.7
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