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Closing takes forever

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Running Retrospect Small Business Server Standard 7.0.326...


When I run Duplicate backup jobs, either immediate or scheduled, the jobs run fine and relatively quickly until closing whereupon they take hours to close. During closing, it looks like every folder on the hard drive is being scanned as the folder names flash by above the blue progress bar which says "Remaining - 0 files, zero KB".


So, for example, if only 20 files are new/changed from a hard drive containing 150,000 files in 50,000 folders, during closing Retrospect appears to scan through all 50,000 folders which takes hours. I can understand that Retrospect needs to compare prior to the backup to determine included files, but the closing takes perhaps 8-10 times as long as the preparation!


I have set:


- Verification Off

- Don't duplicate Windows System State

- Don't duplicate Windows security information from workstations

- Duplicate Open Files


Is there a way to speed up the closing?

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